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Last updated March 4, 2010

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What's New:
Joes and Janes: 25-point NPCs (updated: 3/4/10)
Otto Marten, Fantasy, adventuring mage, 25/50 points (added: 9/7/03)
Five 100 point fantasy demo game characters (added: 6/30/02)
Cleo, Space, android starship engineer, 45 points (added: 8/16/01)
Vallone Aquarius, Fantasy, wandering water mage, 50 points (added: 8/16/01)

Character of the Week Archive (This links to andi jones' website and includes some of the characters below, as well as many others appearing on GURPSnet, the unoffical GURPS mailing list)

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Fantasy Characters Two 30-point mages
Assad, assassin, 221 points Jurak, tracker, 50 points
Killian the Mad, warrior/mage, 300 points Lazarus of Swiftford, mage/thief, 60 points
Marcus Caelodar, mage/botanist, 120 points Taniya, runaway bride/consort, 26 points
Jumo, entertainer and escaped slave, 30 points Celban, solitary research mage, 55 points
Cassandra De Lancey, apprentice fire mage, 50 points Xarias the Mad, necromantic warlord, 399 points
Baregon, bandit leader, 100 points Sir Richard, obsessed knight, 186 points
Eremon, Fomorian blacksmith, 505 points Angus Mac Manus, outcast warrior, 75 points
Garan, beginning adventurer, 110 points Cathyn, hedge wizard, 166 points
Breshdyn, outcast dwarvish mage, 105 points Enris, militia crossbowman and carpenter, 25 points
Aldan ibn Jafar, beast mage seeking revenge, 110 points Rhys ap Sian, failed bard turned haper, 88 points
Vallone Aquarius, wandering water mage, 50 points Five 100 point fantasy demo game characters
Otto Marten, adventuring mage, 25/50 points
Horror Characters Two 25-point Horror characters
Jean Vassi, ritual magic Inititate, 60 points Dr. Littlejohn, unstable retired professor, 25 points
Jennifer Williamson, well-meaning necromancer, 32 points Billy Biggs, werewolf bully, 32 points
Martin J. Reid, wealthy occultist, 250 points Emily Ross, ESPer ex-waitress, 20 points
Space/Near Future Characters
Janno the Blade, psionic gang leader, 61 points Thorm Sarg, mercenary, 100 point
Mazun Shaim, ex-Marine book collector, 114 points Dr. Solan Ezar, obsessed robotocist, 60 points 
Nashu Nirkra, small-package smuggler, 110 points Four man tank crew, 75 points each
Cleo, android starship engineer, 45 points
Old West Characters
Dolph Luque, Old West, Outlaw, 55 points Lefty Hayes, Old West, corrupt town marshal, 70 points
Alexander Emerson, Old West, corrupt mayor, 33.5 points
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