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Garan, beginning adventurer

ST: 10 [0]  --  Swing 1d, Thrust 1d-2
DX: 13 [30]  --  Basic Speed 6, Move 6
IQ: 13 [30]
HT: 11 [10]

Total Points: 110

Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15]; Literacy [10]; Magical Aptitude [15]; Wealth (Comfortable) [10]

Disadvantages: Appearance (Unattractive) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Friends) [-5]; Shyness (mild) [-5]; Stubborness [-5]; Weirdness Magnet [-15]

Quirks: Dislikes fruits (except for apples and bananas); Hums while thinking; Likes horses; Dislikes guild wizards; Won't directly use magic for monetary gain

Skills: Astrology-11 [1]; Brawling-13 [1]; Carousing-10 [0.5]; Crossbow-14 [2]; Disguise-12 [1]; Fast Draw (Knife)-14* [0.5]; History-11 [1]; Knife-12 [0.5]; Lockpicking-12 [1]; Naturalist-12 [2]; Riding (Horse)-12 [1]; Shadowing-12[1]; Shortsword-13 [2]; Stealth-13 [2]; Streetwise-12 [1]; Theology-11 [1]; Tactics-10 [0.5]
* +1 from Combat Reflexes

Grimoire: (All are level 12 with 1 point invested) Create Fire; Fear; Ignite Fire; Light; Persuasion; Purify Water; Seek Water; Sense Emotion; Sense Foes; Simple Illusion; Sound

Languages: Native-13 [0]


Shortsword (1d cut, 1d-2 imp, Parry 7), Large knife (1d-2 cut/imp, Parry 6), Crossbow (ST 10, 1d+2 Imp, 1/2 Dam 150 yards) with 20 bolts, light leather armor (enchanted with Deflect +1 and Fortify +1, for a total of PD/DR 2/2), one 3-point and one 2-point powerstones, old riding horse with tack, outdoor basics


Garan is 5'7" tall, 140 lbs, in his late teens with pale skin, pale blue eyes, short black hair. He wears a dark green shirt, tan pants and black boots.


Garan is somewhat unusual, the son of two adventurers who have lived long enough to train him. His parents are the moderately well-known mercenary Morgan Stoneweard and the half-elvish bard Lady Ariel Songweaver who retired (some villagers might say took over) to the small village of  Trowford along with several former members of their group some years ago.

Unfortunately for Garan, he is not really that good in any particular area of expertise -- all the former freebooters had a hand in his education and, to some extent, competed with each other in teaching him. As a result, he knows a little about a lot of things but isn't especially talented in any one field. Fortunately, he did seem to inherit his father's combat instincts and his mother's affinity with magic, which gives him a bit of an edge.

Shortly after he turned 18, Garan's teachers declared him ready for the outside world, each giving him a gift from possessions gain over years of adventuring and wishing him well on his own adventures. There was, however, another reason. Over time, the ex-adventurers realized that Garan was somehow drawing strange things to their village. What was the good of being retired if you had to deal with rampaging sexual-confused dragons, restless orcish ghosts, kidnapped dwarven princessess or an infestation of zombie gerbils on a weekly basis?

Garan is, for the most part, a pleasant person to deal with. He can be a bit stuck in his ways (an artifact of dealing with his parent's friends) and is a little uncomfortable around strangers, but he is loyal to friends.


Garan will almost certainly be found travelling with 2-4 other adventurers (perhaps the PCs?), who will be of roughly the same power level.


Garan is designed using normal GURPS® rules. His Comfortable Wealth primarily represents his starting possessions rather than actual money in pocket, so GMs may prefer to use the Points for Possessions rule on p.CII17, or Temporary Wealth on .p.CII18, reduce his possessions or not charge any points at all.

What if?

Garan works for most normal 'generic' fantasy campaigns.

Campaign Uses

Garan is suitable for use as a PC (his possessions will probably need to be adjusted). He is also useful as an Ally (he could easily fill the role of a sidekick to a 150-200 point PC, for example). Finally, he might be used by the GM to fill out a party with only a few PCs.