copyright 2000 by Brandon Cope

Assad ebn Sarab, assassin
ST: 11 [10]   DX: 15 [60]   Speed: 6.75
IQ: 13 [30]   HT: 12 [20]   Move: 6
Damage        Swing: 1d+1  Thrust: 1d-1
Dodge: 5      Block: n/a       Parry: 7 (Broadsword), 8 (Staff/Karate)
no armor; no encumbrance

Point Total: 221

Advantages: Ambidexterity [10], Double Jointed [5], Extraordinary Luck [30], Literate [10], Reputation +2 (with underworld as efficient assassin) [5], Serendipity [15]

Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Mercenary) [-5], Secret (Assassin) [-30]

Quirks: Quiet and melancholy, Refers to target as 'it,' Dislikes unneccesary violence, Reads the Qur'an frequently but is not a devout Moslem

Skills: Acrobatics-14 [2], Blowpipe-14 [2], Broadsword-14 [1], Crossbow-15 [1], Disguise-16 [8], Intelligence Analysis-14 [4], Karate-16 [8], Knife-15 [1], Lockpicking-14 [4], Philosophy-12 [2], Physician-13 [4], Poisons-14 [4], Riding-14 [1], Shadowing-14 [4], Staff-14 [2], Stealth-16 [4], Streetwise-13 [2], Theology (Islam)-17 [2], Throwing-14 [2]

Martial Arts Maneuvers: Back Kick-15 [1], Elbow Strike-16 [1], Hook Kick-16 [1], Jump Kick-15 [1], Kicking-16 [1], Knee Strike-17 [1], Spin Kick-16 [1]

Blowpipe with poisoned needles, staff

Contemporary: Literacy is free. Replace Broadsword skill with Guns (Pistol)-17. All other weapons skills remain the same. While Assad will accept Westerners as targets, remember he is more of a hitman than a terrorist (he certainly doesn't have very strong religious or political convictions).

Near Future: As above, but Assad will rarely work for megacorps.

Space: As above, but use Beam Weapons instead of Guns. Change Crossbow skill to Shuriken Throwing and add six sonic shuriken to his weapon list.

5'8", 160 lbs, lightly tanned skin, black hair, brown eyes, 30-35 years old, slightly hooked nose, wears a plain robe and sandals

To most appearances, Assad is a simple pilgrim, wandering the Moslem lands. In truth, he is the assassin known as 'The Wind.' Assad was trained by his father Sarab, also accomplished in the profession. Part of his training took place in the strange northern lands, where he learned the unusual unarmed combat style known as sharnal (functionally equivalent to karate).

In slightly over a decade he carried out over one hundred and twenty assassinations, including military officers, holy men and merchants. He spends as much time as each target required, selecting a method appropriate to their defenses and habits. He usually strikes from a distance with the crossbow or blowpipe, but has frequently combined his knife and sharnal abilities to rapidly kill a target face-to-face. As the years passed, he took some pleasure from the rapidly increasing bounty on him, which at one point reached twenty thousand silvers.

After ten years of causing so much death, Assad began to loose the desire to continue his profession. He continually attempts to live as a hermit, but such a life does not suit him and people still seek out his services. Assad is convinced he is already damned so sees little reason to stop. Though he has never enjoyed killing, he feels there is nothing else for him to do. However, unlike many assassins, including his father, Assad does not overestimate his abilities and knows that much of his success can be traced to his almost unnatural luck. Therefore, unlike many assassins, again including his father, he is still alive.

 "We most of our lives seeking our destiny, and the rest justifying the means we used on that quest."
 "Yes, I will see to your problem. In a week the merchant Abdul will take away your customers no more."

Adventure Seeds
 * Assad has once again left his hermetic life to perform an assassination -- against one of the PCs! Since it will take several days for Assad to prepare for the attempt, the character will have plenty of time to prepare a defense and grow paranoid... The target may have enough time to find out who wants him dead and why.