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Aldan ibn Jafar, Yrth mage seeking vengeance


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ST: 11 [10] -- Swing 1d+1, Thrust 1d-1
DX: 12 [20] -- Basic Move 5.75, Speed 5 (6.875), Dodge 7, Block 7, Parry (shortsword) 7
IQ: 13 [30]
HT: 11 [10]

Point Total: 110

Advantages: Animal Empathy [5]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Fit [5]; Magery (Animal College) [10]; Reputation +2 (with poor, 10 or less) [5]; Semi-Literate [5]

Disadvantages: Compulsive Generosity [-5]; Enemy (Omar al-Myral, 6-) [-5]; Intolerance (city-dwellers) [-5]; Intolerance (Balikites) [-10]; Secret (his past) [-5]; Vow (Destroy the Balikites) [-10]

Quirks: Short temper; Won't wear white; Considers himself a "lady's man"; A little miserly; Hates rodents

Skills: Agronomy-12 [1]; Animal Handling-16* [2]; Area Knowledge (eastern al-Haz)-14 [2]; Brawling-13 [2]; Camoflage-13 [2]; Carpentry-13 [1]; Climbing-11 [1]; Cooking-13 [1]; Hiking-11 [2]; Flight (Winged)-12** [1]; Knife-11 [0.5]; Naturalist-12 [2]; Riding (Horse)-13* [0.5]; Running-9 [1]; Shield-12 [2]; Shortsword-13 [4]; Stealth-12 [2]; Survival (mountains)-12 [1]; Survival (plains)-12 [1];Teamster-15* [0.5]; Thaumatology-10 [0.5]; Theology (Islam)-11 [0.5]; Throwing (Javelin)-12 [1]; Tracking-12 [1]

* Includes +4 from Animal Empathy

** Useable only in Giant Eagle form

Languages: Arabic-13 [0]; Anglish-12 [1]; Latin-11 [0.5]

Grimoire: Beast Soother-12 [1]; Beast Speech-12 [1]; Beast Summoning-12 [1]; Bird Control-12 [1]; Hybrid Control-12 [1]; Insect Control-12 [1]; Mammal Control-12 [1]; Reptile Control-12 [1]; Rider Within-12 [1]; Shapeshifting (Giant Eagle)-12 [1]; Shapeshifting (Giant Snake)-12 [1]


Light leather armor (PD 1, DR 1), shortsword (1d+1 cut, 1d-1 imp), large knife (1d-2 cut/imp), three javelins in quiver (1d imp, 1/2 Dam 17), small shield (PD 2), one four-point and two two-point powerstones, outdoor basics, $40-60 in assorted coins


Aldan is 18 years old, 5'8" tall, 165 lbs, with short black hair, medium brown eyes, and dark brown skin. His clothing is a light brown cotton shirt and pants, with leather chaps for his lower legs (PD 1, DR 1), and hiking boots.


Aldan ibn Jafar was born in a frontier settlement in south-eastern al-Haz, the son of a farmer and weaver. He began showing an unusual rapport with animals at an early age but his parents thought nothing of it -- after all, he was a farmer. Aldan grew up in a very normal, mundane life until one day, when he was fourteen, he traveled with his father to al-Ab'ra. As they were passing through a small village, they came upon a group of Balikites attacking two men. Aldan and his father attempted to ride around the melee, but suddenly a Balikite pointed at Aldan and screamed that another servant of Satan was present. The two panicked and rode back to their farm quickly.

Aldan's father hoped that would be the end of it, but a day later a small group of strange men arrived in the village closest to their farm and asked about the boy. Aldan's father quickly packed a horse and told his son to ride to Cardiel and not to return until he sent for him. Aldan reluctantly agreed and within three days was out of al-Haz, where he found relatives in Cardiel who were willing to take him in. Shortly thereafter, he sought out a mage to see what curse he was under. Aldan was greatly surprised when he was told that he had magical abilities.

With the help of his surrogate family, he found a wizard who was willing to train him. He had studies for only a few months before news of his family in al-Haz reached him via a merchant passing though; his mother and father had been executed and the farm burned only hours after Aldan had fled. The leader of that group of Balikites, Omar al-Myral, was said to have made tracking down Aldan and any other close relatives (who must obviously also have been touched by Satan) and killing them his top priority.

Though his training was not yet complete, Aldan packed his few possessions and headed back into al-Haz, vowing to exact revenge on the Balikites. So far, he has made little progress, though several Balikites have met Allah sooner than they expected. Omar al-Myral is still continuing to search for Aldan (devoting more time and effort than the Balikite leadership feels is appropriate) and, though Aldan would dearly love to confront him, he realizes that right now Omar is too powerful for him to face. Aldan has lately considered that it may be time he joined with others who also hate the Balikites.


Aldan could be encountered anywhere in al-Haz, though he normally avoids the larger cities, since his magical abilities are slightly less useful there. He generally keeps to himself when passing through villages, though he will hand out any untraceable valuables taken off of Balikites he has killed to the poor, which has made his appearance a welcome sight in some areas (and the poor have sometimes repaid him with food, shelter or 'accidentally' interfering with Balikite pursuers). Despite his magical abilities and natural inclinations, he is not a substitute druid or a Friend of All Animals -- he is a mage who can only cast animal-related spells who is conducting his own private war against a group who views mages as evil.


Aldan uses standard GURPS® rules.

What If?

Aside from Yrth, Aldan could fit in a GURPS Arabian Nights™ campaign with minimal changes. He could also fit into other fantasy campaigns without too many problems; simply replace the Balikites with a (religious-based) anti-mage group.

With some slight tweaking, Aldan could be used as a PC in a 100-point campaign.

Campaign Uses

The party is most likely to encounter Aldan in the wilderness. He may come to their rescue if they are being menaced by a large predator (or pack of smaller ones) or might approach their camp in the early evening, offering to guide them through the area for only food and gossip (if the party refuses, he will shadow them at a comfortable distance). His main concerns are determining if there are any Balikites active in the area and if the travellers harbor any anti-Balikite feelings. In towns, Aldan normally stays in the poorer sections (which quite often will result in him crossing paths with the PCs ).