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Baregon, bandit leader

ST: 12 [20] -- Swing 1d+2, Thrust 1d-1
DX: 13 [30] -- Basic Speed 6, Move 6
IQ: 10 [0]
HT: 12 [20]

Point Total: 100

Advantages: Charisma +1 [5]; Combat Reflexes [15]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Strong Will +1 [4]

Disadvantages: Bully [-10]; Enemy (Sir Richard, 6 or less) [-10]; Odious Personal Habit (Swears constantly) [-5]; Odious Personal Habit (Won't bathe - ever) [-5]; Overconfidence [-10]

Quirks: Plays with victims before killing them (if possible); Chauvinistic; Proud

Skills: Area Knowledge (western Megalos)-11 [2]; Broadsword-14 [4]; Blacksmith-9 [1]; Interrogation-11 [4]; Intimidation-13 [8]; Knife-14 [2]; Leadership-12 [6]; Riding-14 [4]; Shortsword-12 [0]; Spear-12 [1]; Spear Throwing-13 [1]; Stealth-13 [2]; Survival (Forests)-10 [2]; Tactics-9 [2]


Baregon is a big, wild-looking man, about 20 years old with unkempt brown hair and shaggy beard, piercing gray eyes, 5'11" tall, 200 lbs. and filthy tanned skin.


Blunt broadsword (1d+3 cut, 1d cr, Parry 8), large knife (1d-1 cut, 1d imp, Parry 7), chainmail tunic (PD3, DR 4), leather leggings (PD 2, DR 2), boots, travelling gear, low-quality cavalry horse, $235 in assorted coins


Baregon (BAY-ree-gone) was born the son of a blacksmith in a small village in the Barony of Arvey. His father insisted Baregon follow in his steps and become a blacksmith, so the boy could take over the business one day. Baregon had no interest in honest work, however, and spent all his spare time at the village square watching the militia train. Finally, he told his father that he would rather be a warrior than a servant to a warrior. His father was angered (and, unknown to Baregon, deeply saddened), and demanded that his son leave.

Happily, that evening, Baregon packed his few possessions and headed to Arvey. He attempted to join the Megalan army, and then the city guard, but both refused to take him, saying he was too young. Just as he was about to give up home and return home to plead with his father for forgiveness, he was approached by a grizzled warrior who was recruiting boys for a new mercenary unit. Baregon leapt at the opportunity, but it was not until he and the other boys were several miles out the city, in the middle of the wilderness, that they realized they had been tricked; the 'mercenary unit' was a band of outlaws that had recently suffered heavy losses at the hands of Megalan patrols.

When the other boys panicked, Baregon quickly bullied them into order and silenced their pleas for help. The few bandits left were very impressed with his handling of the boys and he was appointed their nominal leader. Almost overnight, Baregon's slightly overbearing personality became domineering (the real truth was that he thought that if he failed, he would be killed).

Over the months and years to follow Baregon showed his talents for fighting and leading, though his crude habits hindered his advancement in the bandit's chain of command (such as there was). Finally, frustrated by being kept from leading the group, as he believed he should, he challenged the warrior who had recruited him, killing him in a battle that almost cost both their lives. Baregon now commands fifty or so bandits with an iron fist, but his lack of intelligence is beginning to show, and without a significant haul soon, he may find himself being challenged.

Unfortunately, the same knight who dealt a serious blow to the bandits several years ago, Sir Richard, has made it his personal mission to track down and destroy the outlaws. His forces aren't large and aren't encountered often, but he has so far proven to be a thorn in Baregon's side.


Baregon and his motley gang wander through the wilderness of western Megalos, ranging into Caithness and the foothills of the Bronze Mountains. Although they number around fifty, it would be rare to encounter more than a dozen at a time unless a major raid/robbery was planned or the entire band was moving to a new headquarters.


Baregon is designed using normal GURPS® rules. His OPHs should be tweaked slightly depending on the setting (for example, if most people in the campaign bath once a week, then he merely 'Bathes rarely - once a month'). The bandits were not charged as an ally group because (a) the majority are under 75 points and (b) he has no particular loyalty or sense of duty to them.

What if?

Baregon was designed for Yrth, but works for most normal 'generic' fantasy campaigns. To some extent, he could fit in just about any historical setting with some skill changes.

In the Campaign

Meeting Baregon should not be a pleasant experience. Possible ways to interact with him and his outlaws include: defend a caravan he happens to attack, help defend a village (ala The Seven Samurai) from an impending raid for 'tribute', track him down for the bounty on him (up to the GM, but $1000 for Baregon and $200 per bandit is reasonable), join Sir Richard and aid him (this would be more for glory than money) or perhaps even join Baregon's band! GMs may first want to use him as an indirect annoyance (for example, a caravan the party is waiting on his forced to turn back due to bandit attacks), eventually leading to the party deciding to take direct action after he does something to harm them directly (for example, he actually steals what the party is waiting on from the caravan).