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Dolph Luque (real name Rudolph Lug), Old West outlaw

ST: 11 [10]   Swing 1d+1, Thrust 1d-2
DX: 12 [20]  Speed: 5.5, Move 5
IQ: 12 [20]
HT: 10 [0]

Point Total: 55

Advantages: Alertness +2 [10]; Fit [5]; Reputation (+2, with underworld, as efficient hitman) [5]

Disadvantages: Bad Sight (nearsighted, correctable) [-10]; Enemies (various law enforcement agencies and bounty hunters, 6 or less) [-20]; Gluttony [-5]; Mercenary code of honor [-5]; Migraines (Common, 8-) [-10]

Quirks: Likes kids; Tends not to shave; Dislikes Mormons

Skills: Acting-13 [4]; Brawling-13 [2]; Criminology-12 [2]; Disguise-13 [4]; Riding (Horse)-12 [2]; Guns (Pistol)-14 [1]; Guns (Rifle)-16 [4]; Fast Draw (Pistol)-12 [1]; Fast Talk-12 [2]; Intimidation-11 [1]; Knife-13 [2]; Knife Throwing-12 [1]; Lockpicking-13 [4]; Professional Skill: Law Enforcement-12 [2]; Stealth-12 [2]; Traps-12 [2]

Possessions: Bowie knife, Model 1860 Colt Army .44 (uses metallic cartridges), Winchester WD .44-40, Sharps Rifle .52 (w/4x scope, uses metallic cartridges), first aid kit, 30 feet of cord, lockpicks, military spyglasses, gun cleaning kits, disguise kit, riding horse, $50-150 in cash

Languages: German (native)-12 [0], English-12 [2]

Appearance: Grizzled man with glasses, 39 years old, 5'11" tall, 180 lbs, fair skin, dark hair, blue eyes


Dolph is a skilled highwayman. Before coming to the United States in 1858 at the age of 22, he had supported himself as a minor actor and thief in his native Baveria. In 1863, he was drafted into the Union Army but saw little action. When the war ended, he was transferred to a fort in New Mexico, where he was discharged in 1866. Hard up for work, he took a job as a deputy sheriff in a local mining town. However, he decided that there was more money to be made on the other side of the law, and left the law enforcment to work with various gangs. Since then, he has robbed trains, stagecoaches and banks.

He recieved a minor head wound during a shoot-out with Federal Marshals in Colorado in 1871, when he was set up by an informer. Dolph escaped, and the informer was never seen again. His long range vision became impared (though corrected by wearing glasses) and he suffered from rather significant migranes (which still occasionally bother him).

Since the shootout, he has become more careful about who he works for, working only for those he has worked for or with in the past. He will take just about any job, except that he refuses to do anything that could injure a child. While he is skillled at disguising himself, he still has a rather noticable accent. Therefore, if he takes on a persona that requires him to speak more than a few monosyllable words, he usually takes the part of a German immigrant.

Dolph has -50 points in disadvantages, but is otherwise designed under normal rules.

What if?
Dolph is intended for a campaign set in the mid 1870's. For a different period, his background and weaponry will need to be adjusted.

Adventure Seeds
Another Hired Hand: If the party are outlaws, Luque could be hired as a an extra man. Given his rather unusual skill spread, he could be used to case a bank or be planted on a train, act as a sniper (Luque has no room for that 'code of the West' stuff) or burglar.

Wanted, Dead or Alive: The party could be bounty hunters or lawmen going after the bounty on Luque (currently $250). The two main problems are that (1) he is probably working with a gang and (2) he will probably be in disguse.