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Breshdyn, outcast dwarvish mage

ST: 11 [-10*]  --  Thrust 1d+1, Swing 1d-1
DX: 11 [10]  --  Basic Speed 5.5, Move 5
IQ: 13 [30]
HT: 10 [0]

Point Total: 105

Advantages, Racial: Craft skill bonus +3 [*]; Extra Encumbrance [*]; Extra Fatigue +2 [*]; Damage Resistance +1 [*];Hard to Kill +1 [*]; Longevity [*]; Advantages, Personal: Fit [5]; Literacy [10]; Magery 2 (Earth college only) [16]; Race (Dwarf) [40]

Disadvantages, Racial: Greed [*]; Miserliness [*]; Reduced Move -1 [*]; Disadvantages, Personal: Bad Temper [-10]; No Sense of Humor [-10]; Secret (outcast from clan) [-5]; Unluckiness [-15]

Quirks: Distrusts Elves and Goblins*; Intolerance for Orcs*; Won't shave beard*; Avoids dwarves

Skills: Archaeology-11 [1]; Area Knowledge (tunnel systems under Bronze Mountains)-13 [1]; Axe Throwing-10 [2**]; Axe-Mace-12 [*]; Blacksmith-15*** [1]; Carousing-9 [1]; Carpentry-15*** [1]; Cooking-16*** [1]; Geology-12 [2]; First Aid-13 [1]; Heraldry (Dwarvish)-17/11 [1]; Knife-11 [1]; Masonry-14*** [2]; Merchant-13 [*]; Metallurgy-11 [1];  Prospecting-13 [2]; Survival (Mountains)-13 [2]

** Includes dwarvish -2 missile weapon penalty
*** Includes dwarvish +3 craft bonus

Grimore: Earth to Stone-14 [2]; Earth Vision-14 [2]; Earthquake-14 [2]; Flesh to Stone-16 [6]; Seek Earth-14 [2]; Shape Earth-14 [2]; Stone to Earth-15 [4]; Stone to Flesh-14 [2]

Languages: Native-13 [0]; Anglish-13 [2], Latin-12 [1]

(Point costs marked with a '*' are either fully or partly included in the 40-point dwarvish racial package).


Small mace (1d+3 cr), large knife (1d-1 cut/imp), four daggers (1d-2 imp, 1/2 Dam 6 yds), chain mail vest (PD/DR 3[0]/4[2]), iron pot helm (PD/DR 3/4), three 2-point powerstones, buckskin clothing, hiking boots, outdoor basics in backpack


Breshdyn is 4'2" tall and weighs 260 lbs. His eyes are dark, almost charcoal black, and his hair and beard are light yellow, turning to white in several places.He has four braids in his beard (one coming down from each sideburn and one from each end of his moustache), with gold and silver rings woven into the braids.


Breshdyn of Morthrinn's Folk was a hard-working earth mage for his clan, aiding in the digging of new mining tunnels. However, he always suffered from a short, and sometimes violent, temper. On one trip into the tunnels, a spell of his badly backfired. No one was hurt, but a large deposit of silver was destroyed. The crew leader, who himself had a bad temper, began yelling at Breshdyn and insulted his ancestry several times. Breshdyn refused to take this sort of treatement and turned the crew leader into a statue with his Flesh to Stone spell. Unfortunately, the leader had been standing on a sloped and unstable surface -- the crew leader prompty fell over and shattered.

Despite the justification of the attack (dwarves take their ancestry very seriously), he was held responsible for the death of a superior and was permanently exiled (which included De'Kra'Na'Dak, the extremely humiliating ritual shaving of his beard, breaking of his axe and placing tatoos on his bare cheeks to mark him as an outcast). He wandered along the northern reaches of the Bronze Mountains for several months, avoiding all contact until his beard grew back (and fortunately, it covered most of the tatoos).

After his beard grew back out enough for him to be presentable, he made his way down into the human-controlled lands of north-western Megalos. His cover story, which has thus far passed human scrutiny (as if they would really care), is that he had been sent out to study the mining and metal-working techniques of humans. Most humans just shrug and hire and pay him anyway (he claims that the money is going to his clan's coffer, though curiously he has never named his clan). Many take Breshdyn's lack of humor for a lack of imagination and don't even consider he is lying to them. Of course, his employeers, who find him a very good bargain, could care less about his background.


Breshdyn hires himself out to human miners most of the time. He will range anywhere from the Caithness border in the west to the Nomad lands in the east, but generally does not travel very far south (though he did spend six months in the foothills of northern Al-Wazif, but has no desire to return).


Breshdyn conforms to normal rules. See GURPS Fantasy Folk, pp.50-53, or GURPS Fantasy, p.104-106 and p.120, for more information on dwarves. Breshdyn does not have a Social Stigma since he avoids dwarves and he keeps his past hidden from others (and few humans would care).

What if?

Although his background is geared towards Yrth, Breshdyn can fit in just about any fantasy campaigns with little modification.

Adventure Ideas

Friends and Neighbors: Dwarves tend to hold grudges for a very long time and several friends of the crew leader have decided to act on theirs. While the victim's relatives were reasonably satisfied with the legal resolution of the trial, many of his close associates were not. For a time they put their desire for revenge on the backburner, but then they started hearing rumors of Breshdyn mingling with humans and profiting in gold! A half dozen of them got together and struck out the trail of Breshdyn, intending to make him pay for what he did. Unfortunately, he is working with the PCs on an important job when they show up