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Cassandra "Cassy" De Lancey, fire-mage apprentice

ST: 9 [-10] -- Swing 1d-1, Thrust 1d-3
DX: 10 [0] -- Basic Speed 5, Move 5
IQ: 13 [30]
HT: 10 [0]

Point Total: 50

Advantages: Acute Taste/Smell +2 [4]; Literacy [10]; One College Magery 3 (Fire) [22]; Status +1 [5]

Disadvantages: Delusion (Father is a great warrior) [-10]; Overconfident [-10]; Impulsiveness [-10]; Youth (15) [-6]

Quirks: Giggles when she creates fire magically; Distrusts non-guild wizards; Likes to wear her hair unusually short; Prefers to be around other people; Short-tempered

Skills: Alchemy-10 [1]; Area Knowledge-13 [1]; Astrology-10 [0.5]; Brawling-10 [1]; Fast Talk-13 [1]; Magic Jet (Flame)-11 [2]; Occultism-11 [0.5]; Research-12 [1]; Spell Throwing (Fireball)-11 [2]; Savoire-Faire-13 [1]; Shortsword-9 [1]; Tactics-11 [1]; Thaumatology-12 [1]; Writing-11 [1]

Grimoire: (all level 14 with 1 point invested except as noted)

Cold; Create Fire; Essential Flame; Explosive Fireball; Extinguish Fire; Fireball; Fireproof; Flame Jet; Flaming Weapon; Heat; Ignite Fire-15 [2]; Phantom Flame; Resist Fire; Shape Fire


Cassy is 5'3" tall, 115 lbs, with pale skin, grey eyes, short sandy blonde hair and wears a simple crimson robe


Small knife (1d-4 cut or imp), two two-point powerstones, upper-class clothing, other equipment as needed


Cassy is the oldest daughter of the Sir Phillip De Lancey, a knight better known for his shrewd business sense than his martial prowness. Like the children of most nobility, Cassy was tested for any aptitude in magic at an early age. Somewhat unfortunately for Sir Phillip, her abilities were both powerful and limited to fire magic, which has more applications in combat than out of it.

Of course, Cassy, believing her father to be a great military hero, accepted the news eagerly and could hardly wait to begin her training. Sir Phillip delayed sending her to the mage's guild, instead hiring a retired and rather pacifistic old wizard named Darius to instruct her in the basics of magic. This proved not to work, as she would frequently sneak out to the stables to visit with Old Jack, the stablemaster who had served for many years in the king's army, and listen to him tell of his time as a soldier for hours on end.

Eventually, after her twelfth birthday, Cassy's father decided it was time to send her away for guild training. She resisted at first but eventually gave in, since she was able to come home for a few days a month. There were some initial difficulties at first, as several students resented the fact that she was placed in classes based on her age. However, the small amount of martial training she had received from Old Jack was better that of most 12-13 year old apprentices and settled the matter with most of them.

She has now been in training at the guild for just under four years, but is not behind in her studies, mainly due to the previous tutoring by Darius. Since she has spent so much time studying magic, she has not yet discovered the concept of 'boys' (however, she has heard enough of Old Jack's ribald tales to not be naïve about the subject). The fact that she looks rather boyish (her short hair being rather practical for a beginning fire mage, as well as a rather formless robe) has also kept them, largely, from discovering her. However, one student of illusions, named Ari, has taken an interest in her, or so her friends keep telling her.


Cassy is usually found on the grounds of the mage's guild, though she often visits her upperclass friends in the city and her father's home in the countryside.


Cassy is designed using normal GURPS® rules. Some GMs may require her to buy her father as a Patron (base 10 points, appearing on 9 or less); however, note that she already has paid for some of this indirectly, with increased Status and Average Wealth (most apprentices have Stuggling Wealth).

What if?

Cassy works in most normal fantasy campaigns. In settings where guilds do not perform training (or do not exist), assume she was trained by Darius and Old Jack, with her more offensive spells being self-taught though old books. In GURPS Technomancer™, perhaps she is the daughter of a military officer (Major or Colonel). She may or may not fit in Discworld ®; at the end of Equal Rites it was suggested that girls would be allowed to train at the Unseen University, but none have yet appeared (of course, UU isnít the only school for mages on the planet).

Adventure Seeds

The Children's Crusade: Cassandra recieves word that her father has vanished (or perhaps been captured) in a foreign land (or by bandits) about a week's ride away. She decides that she must rescue her father (after all, what good is it being a combat wizard if you can't help family?). She recruits several classmates and non-guild friends (read: PCs) to help her; Old Jack also decides to come, partly to help his master, partly to protect Cassandara.

Where art thou, fair Ari?: If Cassandra is run as a PC, the GM do a great deal with Ari. He could be shy, but well-intentioned. He may be a scoundrel out 'trophy-hunting.' Perhaps his parents are on less than friendly terms with Sir Phillip (whether this is humorous or tragic depends on the campaign). Finaly, Ari could be a plant by an enemy of Sir Phillip, who is attempting to get revenge by going through his daughter.