Both characters below are for horror campaigns set in the 1920's or
1930's. With only slight changes they can be adapted for more modern
campaigns.  Note that both characters are, with very minor changes,
viable as PCs in a very low-powered Horror campaign (or one that
isn't supposed to leave many survivors ...).
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Phyllis Marsh, translator

The oldest daughter of Irish immigrants, Phyllis showed talent for picking up languages at a young age; her parents encouraged this interest, which rapidly grew. Along the way, she developed other bookish pursuits, such as literature, history and even some knowledge in collecting rare and valuable books.

She currently works as a freelance translator and language tutor. Due to her clumsiness at social affairs (where she has spilled more than one (non-alcoholic) drink on a VIP's wife), she tends not to get repeat patrons.

Campaign Uses: Every horror campaign (and many others) need someone who can translate dusty old tomes best left undisturbed. GMs should feel free to change her languages as needed (although she should know two of marketable value).

Appearance: thin, recessed chin, wide and thin mouth, 5'2", 128 lbs, short red hair, slightly bulging green eyes, 27 years old

ST: 9 [-10]  --  Thrust 1d-3, Swing 1d-1
DX: 9 [-10] -- Speed: 4.5, Move 4
IQ: 13 [30]
HT: 10 [0]

Point Total: 25

Advantages: Language Talent +4 [8], Wealth (Comfortable) [10]

Disadvantages: Bad Sight (Correctable, Nearsighted) [-10], Klutz [-5], Low Pain Threshold [-10], Unattractive [-5]

Quirks: Gestures with glasses while translating, Bites on earpiece when concentrating, Has no interest in cultures she knows languages for

Skills: Carousing-8 [0.5], Diplomacy-11 [1], Driving-8 [1], History-13 [4], Hobby: Book Collecting-14 [2]*, Linguistics-11 [2], Literature-13 [4], Occultism-11 [0.5], Teaching-13 [2]

* - taken at half cost

Languages: English-20 [3], German-19 [4], French-19 [4], Irish Gaelic-16 [1]**, Latin-17 [1], Ancient Greek-17 [1]

** -- M/H language (IMHO)

Note: Lovecraft fans may take note of the her name and the similarity of her appearance to the "Innsmouth look." The GM may want to drop a hint that her family comes from near Boston to really worry players. However, she has no relation to the "other" Marshes (her family changed it's name to appear more "American."

Daniel "Danny" F. Cooper, private investigator

Danny was originally a cop; however, he developed a taste for what he was trying to control (alcohol), which led to his dismissal from the force a decade ago. In a horror campaign, this addiction might be the result of him trying to forget things Man Was Never Meant To Know that he saw while with the police.

Since then, he has worked as a some-what shady, often do-anything for the money detective. He specializes on getting incriminating evidence on people his clients want singled out (and his police background helps keep him from getting caught). [In a more modern setting, he follows spouses suspected of being unfaithful.]

Campaign uses: Every campaign can use a shady P.I. He may be following the characters for someone else, or the characters may hire him.

Appearance: 5'7", 208 lbs, black hair in crew cut, brown eyes, 34 years old

ST: 10 [0]  --  Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d
DX: 11 [10]  --  Speed: 5.25, Move 3 (48 lbs Encumbrance due to Overweight)
IQ: 12 [20]
HT: 10 [0]

Point Total: 25

Advantages: Composed [5], Sensitive [5]

Disadvantages: Alcoholism [-20] ***, Overweight [-5], Wealth: Struggling [-10]

*** - outside of the Prohibition Era, add Gluttony

Quirks: smokes European cigarettes, hates his middle name (Francis)

Skills: Carousing-10 [2], Criminology-12 [2], Detect Lies-11 [2], Driving-11 [2], Fast Talk-11 [1], Guns (Pistol)-13 [1], Lockpicking-11 [1], Occultism-11 [1], Photography-12 [2], Professional Skill: Law Enforcement-12 [2], Research-12 [2],
Shadowing-12 [2]