Campaigns and GURPS® miscellania

These are assorted files that really don't fit anywhere else. Some may be
character or vehicle related, but not strongly enough for those pages. Note
that some files have been moved to the character and vehicle pages.

If anyone uses any of the campaigns below, either in whole or in part,
please let me know

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House Rules I use in most of my GURPS campaigns. LAST REVISED 8/25/08

My recent 2048 police campaign. My less recent spinoff from it.

Building Character, generic notes on contructing better NPCs for your campaigns. 

Four new races for GURPS fantasy or space campaigns.

Peace Through Superior Firepower, additional notes on the Marines, Patrol and Rangers for GURPS Space™.

I have modestly updated my old Baseball for GURPS rules, but they still need a fair amount of work.

Here are several firearms for GURPS, most of them historical.

Extensive notes on my GURPS Cyberfantasy campaign, which has been going on since 1991.

Basic info in my last GURPS fantasy campaign, which features Viking and Celtic cultures. 

Here is background on a dimension/planet-hopping campaign I may run one day.

Lengthy notes on the Gaels I've used for my fantasy campaign above.

Here are several things from my MegaTraveller® PB(E)M campaign, including a starship, a Sword World clan and all 12 turns. (Okay, not really GURPS, but perhaps of interest to GMs running sci-fi campaigns).

TL 8 infantry weapons, Tables of Organization (Company and Battalion) and equipment loads for a near-future military campaign that I never ran.

Pedersen device (a WWI secret weapon for the M1903 rifle) in GURPS terms

Why I don't use CIWS mounts on TL8 Tanks

A system for randomly generating guns, inspired by Aftermath™. (ASCII)

Statistical notes on damage for GURPS (ASCII)

Additional star types for GURPS Traveller®: First In™ (ASCII)

A complete star system for GURPS Space, with an adventure seed (ASCII)


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