GURPS Guns Compendium

Originally this was one large file, but I have broken it down
into four smaller ones for ease of use.

Pistols and Submachineguns

Rifles and Shotguns

Support Weapons

Combination Weapons

Some of the weapons have officially appeared in GURPS books other than the Basic Set and High Tech 1st Edition. Here is a partial list of where the official versions of these weapons may be found.

M3 Grease Gun: Atomic Horror
M61 Skorpion: Special Ops 2nd Edition
SKS carbine: Atomic Horror
M1 carbine:  Special Ops 1st Edition, High Tech 2nd & 3rd Editions
Gyroslugger: Autoduel 2nd Edition
Personal Micro Missile Launcher: Autoduel 2nd Edition
M25 Anti-Personnel Mine: Special Ops 2nd Edition
M18(A1) Claymore: Special Ops 2nd Edition

Some of the official stats are close to what I have, some are quite different; in general, if you have a book with official stats, you should use them instead.

If you have any questions or comments (or any weapons not listed you would like to see), e-mail me at: