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GURPS® Cyberfantasy (run since 1991)

Updated April 24, 2006

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Regional Overviews

The Three Kingdoms
European Commonwealth
Former Soviet Union
Middle East
North America
Central/South America
Technology Weapons
Magic and Technology
Legal Considerations Magic and the Law
Psionics and the Law
Legal Enforcement Agencies
Campaigning Character Creation
Job Tables
Sample Characters


My Cyberpunk/Fantasy campaign for GURPS was only intended to be a one-shot adventure for a couple of players who wanted to do something different for the evening. Originally, it was based on Shadowrun® (by FASA) but evolved into a wide open campaign somewhat like Dark Conspiracy® (by GDW), minus the aliens, as new players ignored cyberware. Along the way, elements from Call of Cthulhu® (by Chaosium) were introduced as the horror element of the campaign was emphasized.In the end, the campaign became the longest-running and best-liked of any campaign I have ever run, with nearly a dozen players taking part (though rarely more than three at once). Note that the timeline was originally written in 1991/92 and the campaign was designed to be interesting, not necessarily realistic (I also had a lot of GURPS Autoduel™ stuff I wasn't otherwise using, so incorporated it as well).

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1997 Mr. Cola buys major shares of Fnord Motors and Amalgamated Computers, becoming the first true megacorporation

1998 cybernetic enhancements become available on open market; start of second Iran-Iraq war; first human clone is "born" in Peru

2002 specialized cyberhospitals begin to open worldwide; fuel cells are available for most cars and cycles

2003 genetic researchers alter a fetal clone for deep sea work; first manned flight to Mars a

2004 the chemical XR-39 is created by geneticists to help manipulate DNA, which causes strange side effects in some subject material

2005 over 50 cyberhospitals are in operation; monocrys armor developed; first generation Net and

2006 cyberdeck developed at Berkeley to link major colleges and replace Internet; 90% of all civilian vehicles run on fuel cells or gasahol

2007 rudimentary braintaping is available, allowing altered, programmed clones to be used for dangerous jobs; most governments rule that such clones do not have the rights of normal citizens; XR-39 hits the streets as a recreational drug late in the year; the Inner and Middle Circles of the Cabal are virtually destroyed when a major summoning spell backfires, resulting in the Earth's mana raising by a level;
this mana was partly drained from the world of Archaeus (Talislanta), which contributed greatly their Great Disaster (very few outside of the Cabal are aware of these last two facts)

2008 many strange mutations begin appearing in users of XR-39, causing the chemical's ban; reports of unusual creatures begin trickling in from around the world -- magic returns to the earth

2009-2011 Israel conducts "safety measures" against several Middle East countries -- Libya, Syria, Jordan, Iran and Iraq cease to exist as nations; Saudi Arabia reverts to tribe rule; second Iran/Iraq war ends ...

2010 genetic engineering is banned, as governments look for a scapegoat for the planet-wide crisis; unable to handle the global situation, most governments begin to loose power and in some regions megacorps start to take over; Mexico becomes one of the first nations to fall; The Collapse begins

2011-2020 Switzerland freezes foreign bank accounts in order to fund recovery programs; using economic blackmail, they prevent the Germans from moving into Western Europe, though Switzerland all but takes over those countries itself through economic leverages; Dwarvish nation in Rockies established

2012-2016 Chinese/Nippon war, which results in collapse of Japanese government, which is replaced by a shogunate supported by a cumbersome bureaucracy; Japan ceases to be a world economic power; Elvish nation in central Arizona formed, displacing many Indians from bordering reservations, leading to armed

2014 Germany invades several of the former Warsaw pact countries, and forms the European Commonwealth with the addition of several other countries by treaty

2015 Quebec declares independance

2016? believed beginnings of the Seekers, a radical cult professing knowledge of "a global Conspiracy by the Illuminati to control the world"

2016-2025 South American Indians reform civilizations very similar to the Mayan and Incan empires

2017 American Indian tribes form the North American Indian Alliance, a loose confederation

2018 Joshua Matthers, descendant of Reverend Cotton Matthers, forms the Old Age Order, a very right wing religion preaching against cyberwear and magic; within a decade, it has over 500,000 members

2019 in an attempt to help recovery, the US government attempts to nationalize natural resources; Texas siezes all US military bases in its borders and declares independence; Oklahoma and Lousiana follow suite; for religious reasons, Utah seceeds

2021 the elves form the Cavaliers as a mercenary unit, with an initial size of 500, in several Arizona cities to help deal with Mexican bandits and biker raiders; a global economic recovery slowly begins

2021-2027 China takes the eastern third of the former Soviet Union easily, but has trouble keeping it

2022 following the destruction of the US army in the brief Dwarvish/American war in the Rockies (brought upon by the Dwarvish refusal to pay taxes), the weakened US federal government collapses; however, due to its slow decline and replacement in many areas, the former US states are lightly affected

2024 first global cyberspace Net becomes operational

2029 first "death sport", Combat Football, televised in North America; Combat Basketball and Hockey follow, along with gladiatorial contests; weekly viewership swells to over 100 million, then levels off to 30 million in the '40s; Cavaliers now number over 10,000 in over fifty cities; economic recovery from the Collapse is almost complete

2032 Neural Video Games (NVGs) are released, and become very popular; a stripped-down version of the US government is re-formed, primarily to deal with trade with foreign nations

2033-35 a bloody corporate war in the Amazon Jungle reduces 35% of it to wasteland; aside from establishing many new technologies, the war sets the current pecking order of megacorps; "mass
produced" enchanted items are marketed to the general public despite protests of the Old Age Order

2034 permanent moonbase established by Republic of Texas; it is mainly used for mining and some zero-gee experiments; short war between Somalia and Ethiopia destroys both countries after each side resorts to biological warfare; scientists predict neither country will be able to support life for at least three decades; due to conflict, 106 nations agree to ban the creation or use of biological weapons, though fully one third break the agreement within 10 years

2036 first-ever space battle occurs between Texas Rangers and German "research" vessel that wanders too close to a military site on the moon; German vessel destroyed by missile fire; both nations double space budget

2038 second generation cyberdecks appear; 90% of countries now connected by at least two Networks

2042 European Commonwealth establishes base on Mars for purposes of mining heavy metals; several foreign megacorps help underwrite costs and get limited but exclusive mining charters

2048 personal lasers begin to appear for police and military use, within a year they are in common use with the Cavaliers; first use of a nuclear bomb by ecoterrorists (San Diego)

2049 current year

20?? The Big One hits; California slides into the Pacific; property values in Nevada skyrocket

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Regional Overviews

Japan (Nippon)

Nippon has returned to feudalism, supported with an inefficient bureaucracy and with some democracy at the lowest levels of government. Nippon is the home of some megacorps (Ariska Arms and Nissan-Kawasaki Transportation for example), but overall, megacorps hold little power in the country. Though long overcrowded, the limited war between China and Nippon in 2012-2016 partly "solved" this problem. It was that war that directly caused the collapse of the government, and over five million alone died from starvation and violence caused by the rioting that followed, most inside the cities. Nipponese have a low tolerance for magic, and the few practicing mages in the islands keep their abilities to themselves. Nippon also has very strict gun laws. However, the martial arts and melee weapons are generally legal and common; only the samurai are permitted to carry more than one sword, however, according to tradition, and they are an elite class, somewhere in the grey border between police and vigilantes. Gajin are warned to stay out of their way. The yakuza, the Japanese version of the mafia, is strong and well. Unlike many other crime syndicates, it is concerned with the general public safety, and is known to be ruthless in exterminating destructive freelance criminals.

Three Kingdoms (England/Scotland/Erie)

These three independent nations are all quite similar, and so are covered together. Informally known as the '3-K', all are monarchies with little limitations on their power (Scotland is somewhat different, in that there is really no central government; rule is by the fickle alliance of various clans). Celtic influence can be seen in all the lands, most heavily in Erie (formerly Ireland), where the Celtic tongue has replaced English. England is easily the most affluent of the three, and the least changed, since Erie had been weakened by the dueling Protestant/Catholic factions (both minority groups now, as many have flocked to the old Celtic religion) and the Scottish prefer weak clan alliances. One should not get the idea that they have reverted to barbarianism; all three are actually more modern than Nippon, mainly because they don't hesitate to mix the old with the new. Magic is generally tolerated in all three lands, though the Scots view it with some suspicion. Guns are generally disdained in these lands, mainly from tradition; it is considered more manly and honorable to best one's foe with a claymore than an Uzi.

European Commonwealth (Germany, others)

In Spring 2014, after the US began to break up, Germany invaded Poland and Serbia/Bosnia/Croatia in fall of that year. Belgium, Sweden, and Norway joined by treaty. Through economic blackmail, Switzerland was able to prevent Germany's taking of France. Content with their gains, Germans turned their lands into the largest industrial state in the world. Though they call it the European Commonwealth, it is really a German empire. The conquered regions are still under German control, and likely will be for quite some time; since their capture, they have been under martial law. While the standard of living for the average German is the highest in the world, those in conquored lands live in utter poverty. German forces frequently have to put down uprisings in the fallen countries. The government in Germany is democratic, but it was made "ethnically pure" well before 2014. The biggest megacorps are those dealing with combat vehicles and weaponry. Magic is common, and all German-born mages are required to serve four years in the armed forces (the average citizen is only required to serve two years). Mages born outside the German borders who resist are executed; native Germans are exiled. Most citizens (and foreigners in good standing and with permits) are armed with rifles and shotguns, with most other firearms tightly controlled. Non-citizens are allowed little more than knives and clubs.

Switzerland (including France, Spain, and Italy)

When the Collapse began, the Swiss froze most foreign-owned bank accounts in the country. Then, under an emergency act, these funds were 'borrowed' for several programs. Aside from border defense and care for the citizens, the Swiss government also began buying up large numbers of shares of various French, Spanish, and Italian corporations through undercover field agents. When it appeared that Germany was about to invade France, Switzerland, who had previously promised not to tamper with German accounts, threatened to sieze them as well, to make up for 'financial damages likely to be caused by an invasion of France'. The Germans paused, and decided to cease border expansion. This problem solved, the Swiss used the substantial leverage they had gained through the ownership of the corporations to persuade the French, Spanish, and Italian governments to adopt policies very beneficial to Switzerland. Over a period of fifteen years, the three countries, for all practial purposes, became vassal states of Switzerland.

Former Soviet Union

The Collapse finished off what was left of the Russian States. The entire region is still in chaos, with some lands ruled by anarchy and others by Socialism, but most somewhere in the middle. The Ukraine is a notable exception, being ruled by the iron fist of the dwarves. The eastern third of the region was taken by the Chinese in 2021-27, though they have not found it easy to try to hold on to their conquests. Magic and strangers are greatly mistrusted, and in most areas all adults carry at least hunting weaponry; next to Africa, this is the most dangerous area with regards to animals.

Australia/New Zealand

Though not as powerful or rich as the European Commonwealth, Australia has not had to fight a major external war in years, and does not rule over any foreign lands. There has been problems with the Aboriginals over the last fifty years, but they never got close to the level of an actual rebellion. There is not a large industrial base in Australia, but it does produce 20% of the world's food. Megacorps involved with transportation and food production and preparation are common here, and are the ones with the power. Aussies are a very proud, if unusual people; they enjoy saying that they have the worst mosquitoes, the most man-eating crocodiles, the least consistent government, etc. New Zealanders are considered their less fortunate brothers, much to the New Zealanders ire. What little activity still goes on in Antartica is usually Australian by origin.

Middle East

After Israel conducted its 'safety measures' in 2009-2011, there were few nations left in the Middle East. Gone were Libya, Syria, Jordan, Iran and Iraq (though the latter two beat themselves senseless in a war from 1998-2009). Saudi Arabia had also collapsed after the free market switched to the synthetic fuel hydrogel (in general, only military vehicles still use oil, in the form of diesel, but most countries reserves are sufficient).

In general, only Egypt and Israel, shaky neighbors in the best of times. Relations are still slightly strained, but there have been no shots fired between these former enemies in three-quarters of a century. Though Israel occupies some of the northern Saudi oil fields, most of the Arab countries have been left to fade on their own. Most Arabs have reverted to their nomadic origins, and wander in large tribes, with tribal fighting common. Magic is disliked in most lands (because of strong Moslem beliefs). The only rule dealing with firearms outside of Egypt and Israel is that you should carry enough firepower to make sure someone doesn't take it away from you. In the two aforementioned countries, the weaponry available to citizenry is very limited; Israelies who are in the reserves (most of them) are not as restricted. What few oil megacorps that still exist have heavily armed bases in the region.

North America

The United States held out longer than most of the other nations, but its fall was inevitable. The final nail in the coffin was the botched military action against the Dwarvish nation in Colorado, which crushed what was left of the US armed forces. The US government was doomed long before then, as the states began taking power that the federal government could not stop or replace. A nominal US government exists, but is more of a trade confederation than a central authority. In Canada, Quebec predictably pulled away from the rest of the country. Most of Canada is wild but not really lawless. Weapon laws are similar to that in Nippon. Mexico was one of the first governments to collapse, and is nothing more than several city-states ruled by local jeffes. Banditry is widespread, and small raids are often conducted against former US states. It is strictly a land where respect is given to the bigger gun.

Central/South America

Most of South America suffered the same fate as Mexico, though control passed to the drug cartels in the countries just south of the Panama Canal. Brazil and Argentina were the only two countries of any size to survive (Argentina finally took permanent possesion of the Falklands). It is rumored that small neo-Mayan, -Incan, and -Aztec civilizations have sprung up in the wilds, but there is no proof of this yet. The bloodiest corporate war took place in the north-west Amazon Forest in 2033-36. Though the war lasted three years, few details have gotten out, except that tactical nuclear weapons were used and that approximately one third of the Amazon Forest is now desert. The Amazon Corporate War saw the rise and fall of many megacorps, the escallation of firearms and (combat) cyberware, and had a great deal to do with establishing the current megacorp pecking order.

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The most common weapons are very similar to those used in the late 20th century. The only major change in personal firearms is the widespread military use of caseless ammunition. Also, military weapons are now being made in new (for the military) calibers (usually 7mm for rifles and 10mm for pistols/SMGs). However, most civilian (including police) firearms still used cased ammunition. Laser guided rockets are more common than in the last century and fire and forget missiles are the standard. Many tank guns (75mm+) now use liquid propellant technology (electrothermal weapons are still in development and electromag guns are too expensive to be common). Personal lasers have appeared in the early 2048, but with their bulky powerpacks are just a special purpose item, usually used by police against supernatural creatures that are unaffected by slugthrowers.


Overview: Gone are the swarms of cars in rush hour traffic. The increased importance of public transportation and the decrease in the use of gasoline and diesel would please most 20th century ecologists. The most common fuel is hydrogel, a hydrogen-based compound orginally designed for fuel cell engines, which will run in just about any available engine. The only major user of fossil fuels is by the military, who use ceramic diesel engines which cannot be powered by hydrogel. The military machine is much smaller than it was before the Collapse. Gone are the 60-ton monsters that prowled the battlefield, the huge strategic bombers, and the supercarriers. As the size of the military has shrunk, so has its equipment.

Ground: Most AFVs are in the 10-30 ton range and are fairly cheap and unsophisticated, with more emphasis on not being seen rather than stopping a hit. The most common engines are gas turbines and lightweight ceramics buring diesel. Hovercraft are more common than earlier in the century but are general only used in coastal or desert regions. Many civilian vehicles are small (some say disposable) cars or cycles.

Air: Public transportation is limited to a handful of huge supersonic transports and a plethora of slow airships. Since jet aircraft and the support needed to operate them is expensive, megacorps rely on helicopters and turboprop airplanes for attack, surveillance (read as: spying) and transport. Military craft tend to be small and multipurpose, and few high-performance jets are used (turboprops are preferred).

Sea: There are no civilian passenger liners left. Aside from a handful of yachts and fishing boats, the ocean is the domain of the merchant. Piracy has become far more common than the previous two centuries and as a result there are many gunboats sailing coastal waters or escorting merchantmen. Few naval craft are larger than about 1500 tons (though China is rumored to have a pair of stolen Kiev-class carriers mothballed somewhere...), with frigates making up the muscle of most navies and fast attack craft the bulk. Submarines are still fairly common, but boomers are not.


Overview: Aside from computers, this is probably the most advanced technology area compared to what is available today. See GURPS Cyberpunk for specific drugs and notes on cloning. Bioengineered lfeforms (androids) are available (see GURPS Robots). The campaign world is mostly TL8 in this area, but early TL9 developments are starting to become known in some areas (at 2x cost for drugs and 10x cost for biotech).


Overview: Computers have advanced a long way since the vacum-tubed monstrosities of the 1940's. Computers are late TL8. See GURPS Cyberpunk for more details. However, no interface better than Icon based exists.

Magic and Technology:

Overview: Magic and technology have proved to be difficult to mix. Almost all Tech and Energy College spells are unknown. In game terms, for /TL spells, effective maximum TL in this setting is 5. This means, for example, that TL6 items are enchanted at -5, TL7 at -10 and TL8 at -15. This is partly responsible for older technology still being popular -- a Colt M1911 can be enchanted with some difficulty, a Colt M2011 10mmC is virtually impossible to enchant.

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Magic and the Law

Magic is highly regulated in most nations. In Nippon, for example, it is as tightly controlled as firearms. Spells are placed into one of four categories:

For purposes of Legality Rating, Benificial spells are LC 6, Regulated LC 5, Reserved LC 3-4, and Prohibited are LC 0-2. Regardess of the classification, anyone who uses magic to harm someone else (or their property) is held just as accountable as if they had used mundane means.

In some cases, psionic Mindwipe may be used to get rid of a criminal's spells (though Magery is unaffected).

While magical (and psi) abilities may be used in investigations, they may not be used to circumvent whatever civil rights the defendant may have (assuming the jurisdiction recognizes any civil rights). For example, while it may be quite easy to read a suspect's mind to determine if they committed a crime, to do so without a warrant or probable cause would be illegal, and in any case such "evidence" is inadmissible in a trial.

Healing: In most areas, the casting of curative spells is not considered practicing medicine (so, therefore, no medical license is required). In areas where magical healing is regulated, many citizens (and quite a few police) would go out of their way to protect an unlicensed healer (this is normally true in megacorp-ruled areas where medical care for the general public is quite poor).

Alchemy: Regulated like spells based on elixir type.

Psionics and the Law

Basically the same as magic.

Law Enforcement Agencies

There are several levels of law enforcement, some of which overlap in jurisdiction:

Police: In most areas there is some sort of city or town police. The weaker the influence of megacorps in the area, the stronger these agencies will be. In corpocracies, civil police are either absent or powerless. Rural police typically have heavier equipment that their urban counterparts, mainly because they don't have to worry about stray shots damaging corporate skyscrapers. Typical armor and weapons include:

Handguns: 9mm or 10mm autopistol
Longarms: 12 gauge pump shotgun or 5.5mm assault rifle
Other: small knife or swiss army knife, baton, tangler and tear gas grenades
Armor: light or medium monocrys with inserts or clamshell cuirass
Vehicle: patrol car with rifle-proof armor

SWAT: These are the police yoiu call when you need heavier firepower and armor. They are generally organized along military lines, with a typical squad having two three-man teams and a squad leader. Unlike regular police, SWAT frequently uses military grade weapons. Typical weapons and equipment include:

Handguns: 10mmC autopistol
Longarms: 10mmC SMG, 18.5mm assault shotgun or Urban Assault Weapon
Other: Large knife, assorted less-than-lethal grenades
Armor: Medium combat armor
Vehicle: Van with AP rifle-proof armor

Corporate police: Security forces are usually better armed and supported than local police, but technically don't have jurisdiction off of corporate property. However, city police are happy for whatever help they can get, so they rarely complain, unless a suspect flees to corporate property and security refuses to hand him over. Equipment includes:

Handguns: 9mm autopistol
Longarms: 9mm SMG, 5.5mm assault rifle
Other: baton, small knife, stun grenades
Armor: light to heavy monocrys (light body armor fr some heavy forces)
Vehicle: depends on megacorp (golf carts to wheeled APCs)

Cavaliers: The Cavaliers is a mercenary organization comprised of elves. Though humans (and other races) may be support personnel, only elves are allowed into front-line duty. They usually deal with the supernatual but in some areas may be given civil and criminal jurisdiction.

Handguns: 10mmC machine pistol or 2mm Nova laser
Longarms: 7mmC autocarbine, 7mmC SAW, 4mm Supernova laser
Other: large knife, grenades, 2-4 point powerstone
Armor: medium monocrys or light combat armor
Vehicle: Viper (4 wheel) or Dragoon (6 wheel) armored cars

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Character Creation

All characters are built on 125 points with up to 60 points of disadvantages and 5 quirks. A character may (with GM approval) start with more points in disadvantages but this is not recommended. There is no Unusual Background cost to have Magery, Cyberware, or Psionics. Starting wealth is $15,000 and average cost of living is $500/month. All applicable house rules are in effect.


Players should choose from humans, elves, half-elves, dwarfs, half-trolls and half-ogres.

Character Types

Recommended professions include bodyguard, mercenary and detective.


Cyberware costs 10% of the $ cost listed in Cyberpunk, and character points are charged for all cyberwear except for chipware (though chip slots cost 10 points each) and environmental interfaces (no point cost). The interface jack can be used for weapons, vehicles, cyberdecks, etc. The Obvious Cyberwear limitation does not reduce the character point cost. The current netrunning standard is Icon-based, and Hacking can default to Computer Operation at -8.

Cyberware and Magic

These two do not mix well. Each small (eye, hand, ear) cyber part incurs a -1 to all spells. A large piece of cyberware (arm, leg) incurs a -2 to all spell levels. Partial cyborging is -5 and full cyborging is -12 (the maximum penalty for a cyborg with a human (or elf, or orc...) brain). Skills with magical knacks are likewise reduced. Psionics are not affected by cyberware.


The overall mana level is normal. Approximately 3% of the population has Magery 1+, but at least half of these are Aspected or Limited in some way. Ritual magic is also available.


The damage of all Missile spells (except for Winged Knife) is tripled per point of fatigue (max=3) put into them. Powerstones are available at normal cost. All spells are M/A, except for M/VH spells which are now only M/H. Spells do not have automatic cost or time reduction at level 15+. To find someone who teaches a particular spell, make a Streetwise roll, modified by the rarity of the spell: Common +2, Uncommon +0, Rare -3, Very Rare -6. Spell rarity roughly coencides with the legal classifications. Enchantments cost $50 per day of work, and take 1/10 the listed time to make. All spells from GURPS Magic are available; spells from other sources (especially GURPS Grimoire) are by permission only).


These are handled as normal. About 5% of the population has some psionic ability, but about 2/3 of these have only one power at level 1-3.

Patrons and Enemys (* - possible Ally Group)
  large megacorp: 60   small megacorp: 40
  the Cabal: 30    eco-terrorist group: 20 *
  orc/punk gang: 10 *   biker gang: 15 *
  mercenary unit: 10-20*   city police: 20 *
  mafia or yakuza: 30   Cavaliers: 30 
  Old Age Order Church: 10    Seekers: 5 (probably worth less...)


Suggested Skills: (* - very useful)

Area Knowledge, Brawling, Broadsword, Computer Operation*, Disguise, Fast Draw, Fencing, First Aid, Gunner, Guns*, History, Judo, Karate, Katana, Knife, Shortsword, Speed Load, Staff, Language (Spanish, Japanese, Elvish), Occultism*, Stealth*, Streetwise*

The following skills are required for police detective characters: Area Knowledge, Criminology, Forensics, Guns (Pistol), Interrogation, Law (Criminal), Occultism, Professional Skill: Law Enforcement. The advantage Legal Enforcement Powers (limitation: not on megacorp property, -10%) for 8 points and Administrative Rank 1 for 5 points are also required.

Job Table (see also Cyberpunk)
Job (required skills), Monthly Income     success   crit
manual labor (ST 10+), $400     ST   LJ/5d
*death sport gladiator (weapon 11+), $650     6d/dead   PR-3
wizard's apprentice (magery 1+, IQ 10+)     IQ   LJ/4d
*cab driver (Driving 10+, AK[city] 13+), $900     Worst PR   LJ/6d
skilled labor (craft skill 12+), $100 x skill     PR   LJ
paramedic (first aid 13+, diagnosis 10+), $800     Best PR   2d/LJ
*warwizard (combat spell levels 75+), $1200     Best -2   3d/-2i, 5d
*hedgewizard (useful spell levels 100+), $800     IQ   -2i/-1i, 4d, LJ
*occultist (Occultism 13+, Research 11+), $800     PR-1   -2i/-1i, 4d
*psychic (useful skill 13+, power 3+), $750     Skill-2   -2i/-1i, 2d
Enchanter (Enchant 15+, other useful spells     Enchant-1   -31, 3d/ -4i, 5d, LJ
Alchemist (Alchemy 14+), $75 x Alchemy     Alchemy-1   -2i, 3d/-3i, 5d, LJ



type   cost   wt   type   cost   wt
.32 revolver   75   1.5   .38 revolver   150   2
.22 revolver   50   1   .357 revolver   300   3
.44 revolver   400   3.25   .22 auto   75   2.5
.25 auto   50   0.5   .32 auto   200   1.25
9mm auto   300   2.5   .45 auto   400   2.75
.30-30 rifle   300   7   .30-06 rifle   300   9.5
12 ga 2 brrl   100   8   20 ga 2 brrl   100   6
12 ga pump   200   8   12 ga auto   350   8
.45 SMG   500   8   9mm SMG   400   7
5.56mm rifle   500   6   7.62mm rifle   500   10
.22 rifle   150   6            



Here are some adventure ideas taken from actual sessions:

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