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Reid Foundation

From the tales of the Houston branch


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Farland Oakes: Bishonen (male) elf/were-eagle

Taejun Park: Martial artist

Mistoffeles: Intelligent magic-using cat

Tanner Davenport: Mage, forensics tech and guitarist (NPC)

Case Files

Season Two

Case #2.4: Indian Idol and the Cultists of Doom (Run March 15, TBA)

While Taejun and Misty are looking over their new offices in the new building, a nervous stranger comes in. He offers $500 (half now, half later) for them to take a key to a airport locker and deliver the package inside to an Egyptian named Omar Rashad who will be in town in two days. Misty sees three men approaching the front door and Mrs. Wiggins locks it from her desk, keeping them out and the stranger in. He is moved to the interrogation room (as it has one door and no windows) and Taejun attempts to parlay with the three men outside. They claim the stranger, Shawn Grey, has stolen a religious artifact of theirs; they demand the item and his life. They leave after warning the team not to look upon the object. After interrogating Grey, they discover he recently stole a statue of Kali from a ruined (but not abandoned) temple in rural India for deliver to Mr. Rashad. Misty comes up with the idea to return the idol to the cultists while at the same time turning Rashad over to the police (and planning on using Grey as a witness against him), thus proving to Capt. Onager that the team is quite competent. Grey, fearing for his life, has not left the offices.

Case #2.3: This Old Haunted House (Run February 23, March 1, March 8)

The team is hired by a real estate developer (for $10,000) to solve the problem of a haunted house. The home had been owned by a Walter Corbitt, who had been buried in the basement (apparently) in the mid 1980's and, since then, anyone who lived in the house became physically and mentally ill. After finding some interesting books on the ground floor, the team investigated some sounds on the second floor. On entering the first bedroom, the team was attacked by an animated bed that quickly moved about the room. Suddenly, the bed stopped and a horde of rats could be heard coming upstairs. Oakes entered the room and closed the door and Taejun threw the sheets against the base of the door. After Tanner shot up the walls, the rats became quiet and the bed attacked again. After Misty zapped the mattress, Taejun kicked the frame apart and the bed died. All the PCs left the house and called for the exorcist, Father Sarducci. He showed up on a golf cart and, after giving the house a once-over, agreed it was time to go into the basement. Inside, the team finds a false wall, which is torn open. Behind it is Corbitt's body. Suddenly, the body arises and Misty and Tanner prepare to hit it with spells. Meanwhile, a knife animates in the other half of the basement and attacks Oakes, without success. Misty and Tanner get off their spells and Corbitt's body disintegrates. Misty finds some papers on a table near the remains of the body, but even using Apportation they begin to fall apart. Father Sarducci blesses the house and then leaves. The team decides that the basement cleanup can be left to others and locks up the house, heading to a bar.

Case #2.2: Chicago! (Run February 1, February 9, February 16)

After being suspended by Captain Onager for letting the vampire escape, the team is offered a job with the Reid Foundation (at a very good salary) though a Dr. Littlejohn. The team is flown to Chicago, where they meet with Martin Reid and are shown around the headquarters of the Reid Foundation. While there, a crisis develops in The Vault and the team is asked to handle it; a box of endless demonlings has been opened and must be closed. The team fights their way through severl of the evil little beasties, only to discover that the box has been moved to another part of the Vault. The team finds the box in an area with stasis chambers, inside an opened chamber. The box is closed, but a large, invisible creature begins bearing down on the team. Fortunately, the area with the stasis chambers is warded and the creature is trapped when the team flees with the box. The box is put back in its place and Reid and Littlejohn, alone, put the beast back in its stasis chamber while the team goes back to the main house to eat sandwiches. In the end, the team joins the Reid Foundation.

Case #2.1: Trailer Park Vampires (Run January 5, January 12, January 19 and January 26)

The team is sent to find a vampire that is believed to be operating out of (or near) a trailer park. Tanner and Oakes visits the R&D lab and picks up several items. After Tanner decapitates several garden gnomes with an SUV, they interrogate the woman living in a trailer house. A vampire detector and Taejun's psychic abilities indicate a vampire is present, but they have nothing they can use for a warrant. They discover that the vampire has a twin sister and both are werewolves; both are also very well thought of in the community. The sounds of a wild beast tearing up the inside of the trailer provides probable cause for the team and Tanner and Taejun enter. Tanner and Taejun enter the sewers (an entrance is under the sister's trailer), where they discover a beast that has had it's brain surgically removed. Tanner, though a spell, learns that the beast was killed by gleaming spiders. Seconds later, they hear a woman scream and the vampire is running full speed back towards them; without breaking stride, she changes into a wolf and runs past them. They give chase, with Taejun hearing the click of metal on concrete. The wolf goes back into the trailer, followed by Tanner and Taejun. As a brief standoff ensues in the living room, clicking sounds are heard under the house, then a cutting sound, then something inside the bathroom. As Oakes pulls the SUV up to the door, metallic spiders enters the living room. Taejun gets the vampire out into the SUV, while Tanner provides a two-gun retreat. The vampire is taken to a recording studio Tanner uses, which is sealed from sunlight. After interrogating her (which includes her saying she saw a biomechanical minifactory creating more of the metallic spiders), it is decided not to arrest her; she ends up going to Taejun's apartment.

Season One

Case #1.3: Big Trouble in Little Korea

The team, upon returning to Houston, are sent to protect Taejun's dojang from two gangs that are fighting it out in the neighborhood. Both gangs take severe casualties and flee.

Case #1.2: Village of the Darned

In the morning, Oakes and Taejun are deputized and sent, with supplies, to a village that has not been heard from for several hours. When they arrive, the village is deserted, but moaning sounds can be heard from several directions. Soon, zombies off all the villagers appear. The pair head for the truck, but a ball of mist appears before it and turns into an elvish vampire-like creature. Taejun fails to harm it with both his regular and magical sword, but Oakes casts an unusual spell, rendering the being drunk. The pair escape.

Case #1.1: Going Home

Upon questioning several locals, including a dragon (and being terrorized by the elvish elders), it is discovered that Soljan did far more than summon dragons; it lowered an ancient magical ward that was protecting earth from extradimensional invaders. With the help of a lesser dragon, Oakes was able to restore the ward that night, while Taejun was playing with Odium (using special armor and sword) and Tanner with Soljan's followers. Odium was finally killed by the sheriff from Oakes' village. During the night, reports of massive dragon attacks come in, tapering off shortly after dawn.

Case #1.0: Runaway Elf

Oakes, with the help of Taejun, Tanner and Hamish, finds his brother in the Dreamlands and, after passing through three tests set up by Draco Nobilis are allowed to take him back. Upon questioning by Sternn, it is discovered that Soljan cast a spell intended to summon dragons to earth. The team is sent to Oakes hom village in Arizona to gather more info.

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