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People Met and Places Visited

Almeda, Victor: Suspect in multiple child murders/rapes, head of brutal pedophile gang. Brought back from El Paso, via ghoul warren detour. Escaped from jail with Dr. Blades to Dreamlands. Was killed in SWAT assault on inn he and his men had taken over in Freierhafen.

Angus: An old and powerful Sidhe who killed Valerie so that Rally would not have a child, because of an ancient prophecy. Since then, he has uncovered more of the prophecy and wants Rally to have a daughter. Presumed dead.

Antonev, Maj. Dmitri: Member of Russian military intelligence tasked with retrieving the smuggler Sergei Terkov

Bergmann, Jon: Believed to be the Night Stalker, who may have killed 32 people. Was only convicted of kidnapping and attempted murder. Hounded by reporter Tonya Olsen, he attacked her and held her hostage briefly. Initially charged with aggrevated assault, he was movied to a private, high security mental institution several months ago.

Blades, Dr. Jason: Old mad scientist, believed people were being replaced by cyborgs and thus was building his own cyborg army to combat them. Responsible for Fuzzy Grape Massacre. Escaped with Almeda to Dreamlands. Presumed killed in ruined evil temple to The Nameless One. Later returned with controlled cyber corpses known as Jasons; connected to ghouls. Presumed dead after failed attempt to take hostages in hotel resulted in him being hit with an air-to-ground missile while on the roof.

Blood Axes: Orc gang (O443543). Once lead by Thargu Collins, now controlled by Sargu Smith.

Cassie: New female mechanic in HPD motor pool

Channigans: A combination Irish pub and Chinese buffet, run by a family of dwarves. Favorite spot for uniformed officers in the precinct.

Chez Bruno's: Upper-middle-class resteraunt frequented by the SIU team.

Collins, Thargu: Former leader of the Blood Axes. Killed by police in riot outside the Cracked Skull after unsuccessful attempt by elvish supremists to assassinate Sargu Smith.

Cracked Skull: Nightclub, played by Tanner Davenport's band during stakeout of 'orc mother.'

Croc the Cop: Cartoon character used for police presentations and safety messages to children. Tag line is "Biting a leg out of crime."

Cruzers: Car-oriented gang

Demon Squirrels: A small pack of these live in the trees outside the Houston branch of the Reid Foundation. They are currently very upset at Mistoffeles the cat.

De Soto, Daniel, Major (ret):

Deveraux, Marie: Outdoors Cajun cousin of Lt. Starling.

"Dixon": Name given to the leprechaun captured outside the ruined monastary and forced to serve as a guide. Real name is Giiaht.

Donner, Frau: Voodoo woman in Hayef, with pet three-legged monkey.

Dumbrowski, Emily: 3rd grade teacher. One time love interest of Joey Steele.

Durant, Hillary:

Durant, Victor:

Draconis Rex: Alleged leader of all dragons, lair in Dreamlands

Elaine: Famous vid actress. Girlfriend of Rally Kennedy. Works for Star Collins Films.

Evil Chang: T'ai Chi gardner, former employee of Victor Durant. Currently HPD groundskeeper and unarmed combat instructor.

Fang, Yanyu: Thief capable of altering her pheromones. Stole $100 million from the city of Houston and (unknown to the public) a suitcase nuke and computer disc from the Texas military. Caught in Nassau.

Ferguson, Edward "Fireball": Halfling, 29 years old, former member of the Kneecappers. Not an especially smart person, Fireball specialized in firebombing and arson. Convicted of murder when a building he burned down turned out to have had two people inside. Executed despite a plot by several gang members to kill Judge Galloway.

Filmore, Dr.: HPD occult specialist (vampires), a balding man with a goatee and frequently smoking a pipe. H often wears a tweed jacket and red bowtie.

Freierhafen: Port town in Dreamlands, pop 4,300. Site of confrontation between SWAT team and Victor Almeda and his men.

Fuzzy Grape: Bar, scene of massacre by Dr. Blades' cyborgs.

Gerlich, Fritz: Captain of the Freierhafen town guard (app. 30 regulars and 100 auxillaries).

Gray, Sgt: HPD officer who assisted Rally and Joey in their attempt to recover a stolen bioweapon. He was later killed by a pride of lions that had escape from the local zoo.

Green Pieces: A gang with chapters across the continent. Locally, they had as many as 40 members before the Day of Dragons, generally well-trained and well-armed. They are extremely violent and normally hire out as muscle to eco-terrorists. Currently, umbers are unknown but believed to be a dozen or less. Rating: M661554.

Handy: Unofficial name for police PDAs

Hayeen, Renee:

Hayef: Pirate haven two days by sea from Freierhafen, pop 8,000.

Hollins, Sgt. Dave: HPD mage specializing in Seeker and Trace spells (level 22)

Hoskins, Detective: Snobby gloryhound from OCU. No longer employed by HPD after the previous police chief was arrested.

Hunter, Amy: Lesbian CSI who was offended by "advances" made by Inspector Kennedy.

Jasons: A gang that took over a neighborhood from another gang. They turned out to be cyborg zombies controlled by Dr. Blades.

Johnson, Officer: Patrol officer who has helped the team on several occassions.

Johnson, Officer: Partner of Officer Johnson

Kami: 15 year-old female assassin created by the Meliorare Society in 2033, sent to help secure evidence damaging to the Society in the possession of "Mad Dog" Maddock. Taken into custody, she revealed all she knew. Was found hung in her cell the next morning. Seen working at a pizza place a week later by Rally and Ed.

Kneecappers: A halfling gang of 16-20 members, they primarily specialize in protection rackets, with bad things happening to those who haven't paid up to date. Fireball Ferguson was the gang's designated arsonist. Current leader is David "Five Iron" McCarty. Most were arrested in a plot to kill Judge Galloway. Rating: X241445.

KoreTech Industries: Megacorporation with suspected ties to the markann and known ties to the Wisdom of Stars Church. Effectively put out of business after a barrel of Sarin was found in one of their warhouses.

Kyngs: An ultraviolent, lesbian poser gang (French nobility, c.1700's). All are believed to have been killed by the Jasons. Rating: (before destruction) W332463.

Lee, Amy: Werewolf and licensed protitute. Twin sister of Annabelle Lee.

Lee, Annabelle: Vampire (after killed in Atlanta two years ago), werewolf, former prostitute. Twin sister of Annabelle Lee. Current girlfriend of Taejun Park.

Lepercans: Human gang, known for dressing like leprechauns.

Maddock, "Mad Dog": Police informant and criminal middleman. He is a short, thin man with a thick beard, his hair balding in the front but pulled back into a long ponytail in the back. Generally considered a C3 intel source.

Mancini, Heni "Boom Boom":  Mancini is strictly a mercenary. Would hire out to anyone who could pay, could care less about their motives. The only thing he wouldn't do was make bombs over 10 pounds. Rumor has it that he thinks mass murders with explosives are sloppy. Was hired by the Kneecappers to help them kill Judge Galloway. Was probably used by corrupt cops, under the control of the previous police chief, to cover his misdeeds, despite being in jail. Awaiting trial.

Marcus Caleodar: Earth mage currently living in Dreamlands, serving as a guide. Has a raven familiar named Septimus.

Markann: A dimension-travelling race of mad scientists that resemble humanoid spiders. Not known to the general public; worked behind the scenes to aid the dragons on the Day of Dragons.

Maxwell: Former butler of the Durants.

Meliorare Society: Founded by Henry Fowler in 2006, the Society was devoted to the forced evolution of humans through any means (including bioengineering). In the late 2020's, evidence of highly illegal experimentation were discovered and the Society was (apparently) shut down after a series of world-wide police raids. Evidence uncovered in a murder investigation showed that the Society was still active in 2049.

Mengele, Dr.: Physician in Freierhafen who is an expert on goblin anatomy.

Mossad agents: A team (Fahima Davar, David Haim, Gal Shapira and a golem) was sent to stop a renegade Israeli soldier out to kill Jon Bergmann.

Mr. Klein: Alias of a human-like demon who is the personal enemy of Lt. Michel Dunkirk. Responsible for shipping sarin into the Port of Houston and indirectly for the theft of a suitcase nuke. Tall and thin, usually wears a suit. To hide his clawed hands, wears gloves.

Maria: Ghost of red-headed sorceress from Gracy's Cay, The Bahamas

Nightwalkers: Car-oriented gang.

Octavia: Young (22) trophy wife of Gaius Hirtius Varro.

Odium: A dragon loyal to Draconis Rex. Killed in Arizona at the start of the Day of Dragons, by Taejun Park and the local sheriff.

Olsen, Tonya: Aggressive News54 reporter.

Onager, Captain: SCU team leader, replacing Capt. Sternn (male). Extremely unpleasant, suspended Oakes, Tanner, Taejun and Misty.

Perkins, Peter "Pumpkinhead": Somewhat ineffectual vice detective with an oddly shaped and colored head due to magical curse.

Pickman, James Henry: 27, born Boston, Mass. Degrees in sociology and psycology. Arrested for vandalizing a church, 6 months served, shortly after graduating. Also arrested for digging up several graves, 1 year served. No arrests in the past 2 years. Moved to Houston after release from prison on the second conviction. Killed in raid on dark ritual being performed by he and Mandy Ramierez.

Preston, Thrak: Orc informant, killed in bar by two orc gang members after tipping off team to 'orc mother.'

Rashad, Omar: age 53, born in Cairo, Egypt 1995, received a degree in archaeology from Oxford 2017. He was a minor archaeologist until about 10 years ago, when he went into the collecting business. It is believed that many of his pieces were obtained by less than legal means. However, he has never been charged in any country; part of this is because he does not obtain the pieces himself, but relies on buying them from others.

Ramirez, Mandy: Priestess in the Wisdom of Stars Church. She had an arrest record going back several years for petty
theft, indecent exposure, reckless endangerment, etc. She never had to go to trial on any of the charges. Her file notes that arresting officers found odd religious items on her -- none Satanic. She was aways released before any idetification of the items could be made. Oddly, all of the digital photos of the items were badly flawed and useless. She was killed during a ritual, along with James Pickman and several KoreTech employees. An infant that is believed to contain her sould is being raised at a Catholic orphanage by a Father Ruiz.

Ravens: Human gang, effectively destroyed when leader and top enforcers were arrested following hostage situation at Luby's. Apparently reformed enough to assist the smuggler Sergei Terkov.

Rent-A-Bozo: Clown rental service, 555-1919.

Reyes, Hugo: Honduran cab driver, drove team to San Remo.

Rhian: Teen-aged girl in Dreamlands turned to living stone by an earth goddess after her family was killed. Briefly infatuated with Rally.

Septimus: Raven familiar of Marcus, capable of speech at night.

Skull Splitters: Orc gang (O542453) with ~ 30 members. Lead by Sargu Smith as her personal bodyguard.

Sternn, Captain Amanda: Team's SIU supervisor. Has a son, Damien, and daughter, Rebecca, both in 3rd grade. She is a former special ops member and holds the rank of major in the Texas Army Reserve.

Smith, Sargu: The 'orc mother,' civil rights leader.

Starling, Pepe: Cousin of Carrie, operates a small yacht out of Nassau.

Swisher, Rafe: Small time punker, possible middleman for illegal simsense chips.

Talbot, Mason: Insane alchemist. Sold illegal elixirs to bot of the Durants for their schemes.

Timor: Dragon loyal to Draconis Rex. Knows the spell Shapeshift (Velociraptor).

Terkov, Sergei: Russian smuggler (and former member of Russian military intelligence), specializing in simsense chips. A psionic teleporter.

Tannenbauer, Dr: Scientist in Freierhafen who is an expert in Dreamland metaphysics, in particular the time and space peroperties of spectral ships.

Thinbalda: Dwarvish waitress at Channigan's.

Three Blue Cowgirls: An all-girl band consisting of Lee Ann Wilson (age 22), Lee Ann Pointer (21), and Lee Ann Phillips (22). Formed group while in high school. Three CDs, four #1 songs.

Truman, Detective: Obnoxious officer from OCU. Killed by Lt. Thaddeus Carp when Truman attempted to protect the corrupt chief of police.

Valerie: Previous girlfriend of Rally's; found run through with sword and neck snapped in his kitchen and the message 'No Son' written on the wall with her blood. Her ghost has made two appearances since then, in the Dreamlands and to tell Rally goodbye. Has returned in "spare" body of the dead sorceress Maria.

Varro, Gaius Hirtius: An eccentric 71 year-old retired science writer whose memoirs that threatened to expose secret member of the banned Meliorare Society led to his death.

Wisdom of Stars Church: A cult that performed human sacrifices and dealt with Ancient Evils, despite putting on a good public face. Banned after a mass sacrifice was thwarted.

Xando's: Cop-friendly 24-hour diner