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Another bit of a mixed-bag trio this week.

Jane the Girl of Stone
Setting: Fantasy

"Turn me to stone
Before there's nothing left of me
Make me a rock
And not what I appear to be"
-- Stereotomy, Alan Parsons Project

ST: 12 [20]; DX: 9 [-10]; IQ: 11 [10]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Body of Stone x6 (PD 1, DR 4; Limitation: Alway on, -25%) [36]

Disadvantages: Chummy [-5]; Edgy [-5]; Flashbacks [-10]; Low Empathy [-15]; Youth (15) [-6]

Skills: Agronomy-10 [1]; Animal Handling-9 [1]; Area Knowledge (Mountains)-11 [1]; Brawling-10 [2]; Cooking-11 [1]; Fast Talk-10 [1]; First Aid-11 [1]; Sewing-9 [1]; Theology (local religion)-9 [1]

Gear: Sack with assorted minor possessions, Punch (1d+2 cr)

Notes: This NPC represents a peasant girl who saw her family killed by hobgoblins and, when she begged the local Earth Goddess to save her, was given the "gift" of a stone body. Unfortunately, while the transformation saved her (she now looks like an animated statue), she has severe mental trauma from the experience and is no longer human. She has moved into the local mountains as she fears to be near others, but badly needs their company. Her disadvantages of Edgy, Flashbacks and Low Empathy all stem from the slaughter of her family and her change.

Joe the Unpleasant Merchant Captain
Setting: Age of Napoleon

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 10 [0]; IQ: 13 [30]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Comfortable Wealth [10]

Disadvantages: Bully [-10]; Jealousy [-10]; Paranoia [-10]; Ugly [-10]

Skills: Administration-12 [1]; Area Knowledge (North Atlantic)-13 [1]; Black Powder Weapons (Flintlock pistol)-13 [2]; Brawling-12 [4]; Carousing-10 [2]; Fencing (Saber)-10 [1]; Intimidation-13 [2]; Leadership-12 [1]; Merchant-12 [1]; Meterology-13 [2]; Navigation-12 [2]; Sailor-13 [2]; Seamanship-13 [1]; Shiphandling-12 [2]

Languages: English-13 [0]; French-11 [1/2]; Spanish-11 [1/2]

Gear: .51-cal flintlock pistol (dam 2d-1+, Acc 1, 1/2Dam 75, RoF 1/20), cheap saber (1d-1 imp, 1d cut), fist (1d-1 cr)

Notes: This NPC represents the trading captain of a small merchant ship. Note that he does *not* have the ship's owners as a Patron; they only care about the captain if the ship or cargo is endangered -- and they may replace him if they thought it was his fault! Otherwise, he is a miserable captain to work for and not above lying to potential crew to get them on-board.

Jane the Lesbian Stripper Ninja
Setting: Near-Modern

ST: 9 [-10]; DX: 13 [30]; IQ: 12 [20]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: None

Disadvantages: Duty (to Clan, 15 or less) [-15]; Secret (death) [-30]

Quirks: Broad-Minded [-1]; Lesbian [-1]; Uncongenial [-1]

Skills: Acrobatics-12 [2]; Acting-12 [2]; Climbing-13 [2]; Dancing (Exotic)-15/9 [1]; Disguise-12 [2]; Electronics Operation (Security Systems)-13 [4]; Fast-Talk-12 [2]; First Aid-11 [1/2]; Guns (Pistol)-15 [1]; Guns (Grenade Launcher)-14 [1/2]; Judo-12 [2]; Karate-12 [2]; Knife-13 [1]; Meditation-10 [1]; Performance-12 [2]; Sex Appeal-10 [2]; Staff-10 [1/2]; Stealth-14 [4]

Languages: English-12 [0]; Japanese-11 [1]; German-10 [1/2]

Gear: (As ninja) sporting pistol w/silencer, fine large knife, 2 blackout gas grenades, black monocrys bodysuit (PD/DR 2/8, 1/2 vs imp), implant communicator, light-intinsifier contacts, autograpnel, electronic lockpick, mini-tool kit (electronics)

Notes: This NPC is ... well ... the name pretty much says it all.