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Two modern and two fantasy characters this week.

Joe the Undying Accoutant
Setting: Modern

ST: 9 [-10]; DX: 9 [-10]; IQ: 10 [0]; HT: 9 [-10]

Advantages: Comfortable wealth [10]; Extra Life x2 [50]

Disadvantages: Frightens animals [-5]; Indecisive [-10]; Truthfulness [-5]; Weirdness Magnet [-15]

Skills: Accounting-14 [12]; Computer Operation-12 [4]; Computer Programming-8 [1]; Economics-9 [2]; History (Medieval)-13/7 [1]; Hobby (Roleplaying games)-12 [4]; Law (Tax law)-16/11 [4]; Writing-10 [2]

Gear: Suit, briefcase, laptop, cell-phone

Notes: This ... is just an odd NPC. Note that while a character with Immortality reduced to 0 or fewer points is permanently dead, it is not clear if this applies to Extra Life or not; I have decided not.

Jane the Antipsi
Setting: Modern

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 10 [0]; IQ: 12 [20]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Antipsi power 7 [21]

Disadvantages: Color Blindness [-10]; Duty (12 or less) [-10]; One Eye [-15]; Skinny [-5]

Skills: Area Knowledge (Miami)-12 [1]; Bicycling-10 [1]; Fast Talk-12 [2]; Guns (Pistol)-9* [1]; Karate-10 [4]; Mind Block-13 [4]; Psychology-11 [2]; Shadowing-11 [1]

* -3 for One Eye

Psi Skills: Neutralize-12 [4]; Psi Static-12 [4]

Gear: Casual business clothes, 9mm pistol, cell phone

Notes: This NPC belongs to a small, covert government group who tracks down psis and kills them (usually after another branch is unsuccesful in attempting to recruit them). She normally supports 1-3 other agents, who are actually tasked with eliminating the target. This agency does not count as a Patron because, if an agent is caught by law enforcment, no help is forthcoming (in fact, a fatal "accident" will usually before the agent shortly after arrest). The agency does provide good support on it's missions, but that is more to further it's own agenda than caring for it's agents.

Joe the Burning Man
Setting: Fantasy

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 12 [20]; IQ: 10 [0]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Body of Fire 6 (PD 1, DR 3; Limitation: Always on, -40%) [18]; Breathe Fire (Limitation: 3x day, -20%; Limitation: Costs 3 fatigue, -15%) [13]

Disadvantages: Callous [-6]; Disturbing Voice [-10]; Pyromania [-5]; Reculsive [-10]; Short Attention Span [-10]

Skills: Area Knowledge (Caverns)-14 [8]; Brawling-14 [4]; Throwing-10 [1]

Languages: Native-11 [0]; Orcish-9 [1/2]; Goblin-9 [1/2]; Elvish-9 [1/2]; Dwarvish-9 [1/2]

Gear: A pile of rocks

Notes: This NPC is an unfortunate adventurer who tried (and failed) to loot the Fire God's temple in the Caverns of Flame. While his companions were killed, this NPC was afflicted with a special curse. Originally, a duty to guard the temple was included, but over the years it wore off. Now, this NPC wanders the caverns, generally avoiding adventurers. Technically, this NPC is Dead Broke, but since he really doesn't need money, it is ignored. He also used to have several other skills, but it is assumed that he has forgotten them by now.

Jane the Spelunker Guide
Setting: Fantasy

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 11 [10]; IQ: 10 [0]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Absolute Direction [5]; Acute Hearing +2 [4]; Fit [5]

Disadvantages: Curious [-5]; Greed [-15]; Miserliness [-10]; Struggling [-10]

Skills: Area Knowledge (Caverns of Doom)-15 [10]; Climbing-13 [8]; Crossbow-11 [1]; First Aid-12 [4]; Geology-11 [6]; Stealth-12 [4]; Survival (Caves)-12 [6]; Swimming-12 [2]

Gear: Average clothes, small waterproof backpack (w/ water, food, personal basics, etc.), 2 torches, lantern, 4 pints of oil, 10 iron spikes, hammer, 40 yards rope, 2 light hooked grapnels, simple first aid kit, crossbow (1d+2 imp, 1/2Dam 150)

Notes: This NPC is a near expert in a large cavern system near the northern edge of a large kingdom. Because of the presence of unplundered ruins in the caverns, there is a steady stream of adventurers wiling to explore it. This NPC hires herself out as a guide to the smarter groups; many of the more miserly parties fail to return. While she is not the only guide, she is probably the best.