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Here are a trio of modern characters, two psis and a medium (going on large).

Jane the Teleporter
Setting: Modern

ST: 9 [-10]; DX: 10 [0]; IQ: 12 [20]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Teleportation power 10 (Limitation: Retain inertia/speed; -50%) [25]

Disadvantages: Dependent (Mother, 1 point, loved one, 6 or less) [-12]; Involuntary Duty (9 or less) [-10]; Shyness [-5]; Unattractive [-5]

Skills: Area Knowledge (Tokyo)-14 [4]; Area Knowledge (Yakuza safe houses in Tokyo)-13 [2]; Bicycle-12 [4]; Body Sense-9 [2]; Cooking-12 [1]

Psi Skills: Autoteleport-12 [4]; Exoteleport-12 [4]

Languages: Japanese-12 [0]; English-11 [1]

Gear: Uniform, bicycle

Notes: This NPC represents a psi who, once her power was discovered by the local yakuza, became an unwilling employee. Her job is normally to transfer small packages to and from gang members believed being watched by the police or rival yakuza. To ensure her "loyalty" the yakuza boss occassionally menaces the NPC's mother. Her current "real-world" job is delivering pizzas.

Abilities: Range: 100 yards; Weight: 0.8 lbs (exoteleport)

Joe the ESPer
Setting: Modern

ST: 9 [-10]; DX: 10 [0]; IQ: 13 [30]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: ESP Power 6 [18]

Disadvantages: Albinism [-10]; Alcoholism [-15]; Unluckiness [-10]; Vow (Chastity) [-5]

Skills: Area Knowledge (Scotland)-13 [1]; Computer Operation-12 [1];  Fast-Talk-12 [1]; Forensics-11 [1]; Occultism-14 [4]; Streetwise-12 [1]; Law-12 [2]; Research-14 [4]

Psi Skills: Clairvoyance-13 [4]; Clairaudience-13 [4]; Psychometry-13 [4]; Precognition-13 [4]

Gear: Light tan clothes and hat, cheap PDA

Notes: This NPC is a psi who investigates the paranormal. As such, there are many ways he could get involved with PCs.

Psi Abilities: Clairvoyance range: 36 inches; Clairaudience range: 36 inches; Psychometry range: 36 years; Precognition range: 8 yards, 36 days

Jane the Medium
Setting: Modern

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 9 [-10]; IQ: 12 [20]; HT: 9 [-10]

Advantages: Awareness [35]; Medium [10]

Disadvantages: Fat [-20]; Weirdness Magnet [-15]

Skills: Area Knowledge (Austin)-12 [1]; Astrology-12 [4]; Fast Talk-12 [2]; Fortune Telling-12 [2]; Occultism-12 [2]; Performance-12 [2]

Languages: English-12 [0]; Spanish-12 [2]

Gear: Gaudy dress, jewelry and glasses, assorted "mystical" props

Notes: This NPC represents a palm-reader who is a bit more than she appers. This character was a charlatan for most of her life, but a few months ago suddenly manifested Awareness, Medium and Weirdness Magnet (the reason for this is up to the GM, but perhaps the talents ran in the family and she was a very late bloomer).