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Joe the Biker
Setting: 1950's to present

ST 11 [10]; DX 12 [20]; IQ 9 [-10]; HT 12 [20]

Advantages: Toughness [10]

Disadvantages: Bully [-10]; Enemy (Police, 6 or less) [-15]; Sadism [-15]

Skills: Area Knowledge (state)-9 [1]; Brawling-14 [4]; Flail-10 [1]; Intimidation-10 [4]; Knife-12 [1]; Motorcycle-14 [4]

Gear: Motorcycle, leather jacket, blue jeans, boots, knife, bike chain (used as flail)

Notes: This represents a low-level biker enforcer, not very bright, but relatively good at beating things up. He also is reasonably good with his bike. A more recent bike gang member would replace Flail-10 with Guns (Pistol or Shotgun)-12. An Autoduel biker would probably have some Gunnery specialization instead.

Jane the Shaman
Setting: Modern

ST 10 [0]; DX 9 [-10]; IQ 13 [30]; HT 10 [0]

Advantages: World Sight [10]

Disadvantages: Compulsive Behavior (Use of crystals, candles, etc. in rituals) [-5]; Flashbacks [-5]; Voices [-5]; Weirdness Magnet [-15]

Skills: Herbalist-10 [0.5]; Literature (Occult)-16/10 [1]; Musical Instrument (Drums)-10 [0.5]; Occultism-13 [2]; Performance/Ritual-12 [1]; Ritual Magic (Shamanism)-13 [8]; Singing-10 [1]; Symbol Drawling-11 [1]; Theology (Shamanism)-12 [2]

Paths and Rituals: Path of Spirit-12 [4]; Banish-10 [4]; Bind-9; Exorcise-10; Fetish-7; Ghost Sword-8; Lay to Rest-12; Spirit Slave-6; Spirit Trap-8; Summon-12

Gear: "New Age" dress, sandals, beads and crystals, books on Indians of the South-West US

Notes: This represents a New Age book store "shaman" who actually has some real ability. Note that she does not have her telent as a Secret, although most people don't believe she has any magical  talent.