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Joe the Telepath
Setting: 20th century and up

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 10 [0]; IQ: 13 [30]; HT: 9 [-10]

Advantages: Reputation +1 (Paranormal investigators, 10 or less) [1]; Telepathy Power 5 (Costs 2 Fatigue, -10%; Half power under stress, -33%)  [15]

Disadvantages: Color Blindness [-10]; Edgy [-5]; Migraine (Common, 8 or less) [-10]; Sense of Duty (clients) [-5]; Voices [-5]

Skills: Criminology-13 [2]; Detect Lies-12 [2]; Fast-Talk-12 [1]; Interrogation-13 [2]; Literature (Guy de Maupassant)-10/16 [1]; Occultism-12 [1]; Psychology-12 [2]; Research-12 [1]

Psi Skills: Emotion Sense-12 [2];  Mind Shield-12 [2]; Telereceive-14 [6]; Telescan-12 [2]

Gear: Casual clothes, PDA (with ebooks of de Maupassant's works)

Notes: This represents one type of telepathic interrogator. The Voices disadvantage represents his Telerecieve ability sometime operating on its own, picking up random thoughts from people within his range (this is a lesser version of a problem some telepaths in SF have, being unable to block out the thoughts of everyone within their range).

Jane the Archaeologist
Setting: 18th century and up

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 9 [-10]; IQ: 13 [30]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Night Vision [10]

Disadvantages: Bad Sight (Nearsighted) [-10]; Laziness [-10]; Phobia (Blood) [-10]

Skills: Administration-13 [2]; Anthropology-12 [2]; Archaeology-15 [8]; Area Knowledge (Egypt)-13 [1]; Area Knowledge (Sudan)-13 [1]; History-14 [6]; Literature-12 [2]; Research-13 [2]; Writing-12 [1]

Languages: English-12 [0]; Arabic-12 [1]; Egyptian-12 [1]; Greek-12 [1]

Gear: Work clothes, bundle of archaeologist tools, glasses, journal, personal basics

Notes: This NPC is a fairly talented archaeologist, albeit with no real experience working in the field; the kind of person who has spent more time in museums than ruins. She could be hired by the party as an expert or the PCs could be hired to protect her on a dig.