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Jane the Freelance Splicer
Setting: Cyberpunk

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 10 [0]; IQ: 13 [30]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Biomonitor [3]; Manual Dexterity +1 [3]

Disadvantages: Albinism [-10]; Enemy (City Police, 6 or less) [-10]; Vow (destroy a particular megacorp) [-10]

Skills: Area Knowledge (City)-13 [1]; Guns (Light Auto)-11 [0.5]; Guns (Pistol)-12 [1]; Electronics Operations (Bionics)-13 [2];  Knife-10 [1]; Mechanic (Bionics)-14 [4]; Physician-13 [4]; Scrounging-13 [1]; Streetwise-13 [2]; Survival (Urban)-13 [2]

Languages: Native-13 [0]; Spanish-11 [0.5]

Gear: 10mm machine pistol, first aid kit, mini tool kits (mechanic and electronic)

Notes: This NPC is useful as a minmally skilled street doc, doing work for the PCs when they have the money. Alternately, she could be an assistant of a PC splicer.

Joe the Pilot
Setting: 20th/21st century

ST: 10 [0]; DX: 12 [20]; IQ: 11 [10]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Acute Vision +2 [4]

Disadvantages: Chummy [-5]; Compulsive Behavior (Binge Drinking) [-10]; Lecherousness [-15]

Skills: Aviation-12 [4]; Carousing-9 [1]; Electronics Operation (Comm)-10 [1]; Gambling-10 [1]; Guns (Rifle)-13 [1]; Navigation-11 [4]; Piloting (Single-Engine Prop)-14 [8]; Mechanic (Propeller Plane Engine)-10 [1]

Gear: Light airplane (JN-4 Jenny, Piper Cub, etc.), bolt-action rifle, whiskey

Notes: This is a pilot one might find in third world countries (or before WWII in many countries), operating an old light plane from a dirt strip. Before WWII, drop the Electronics Operation skill and raise Mechanic by a level. Aviation skill would also likely be lower during that era.