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Joe the Spearman
Setting: Fantasy; most historical up to the Renaissance

ST: 12 [20]; DX: 13 [30]; IQ: 9 [-10]; HT: 11 [10]

Parry: 11 (spear); Block: 11 (shield); Dodge: 9 (all include armor and shield PD)

Advantages: none

Disadvantages: Bully [-10]; Duty [-5]; Overconfident [-10]; Struggling [-10]; Unattractive [-5]

Skills: Area Knowledge (Kingdom)-9 [1]; Brawling-14 [2]; First Aid-9 [1]; Intimidation-9 [2]; Knife-14 [2]; Shield-14 [2]; Spear-14 [4]; Streetwise-8 [1]

Gear (33 lbs, Light Encumbrance): Spear (1d imp one-handed, 1d+1 imp two-handed, Parry 7); Large Knife (1d-1 imp, 1d cut, Parry 6); Small Shield (PD 2, Block 7); Heavy Leather Armor (PD/DR 2/2)

Notes: This character works as a generic "bad guy" soldier, perhaps serving in the garrison of a village or small town. He would also appropriate for a villain's low-level thugs.

Uprating: Replacing the spear with a thrusting broadsword (1d+1 imp or 1d+3 cut) and leather armor with chainmail (PD/DR 3/4). This changes Encumbrance to Medium, but makes him a bigger threat to 100-point characters.

Jane the Hedge Wizard
Settings: Most fantasy

ST: 9 [-10]; DX: 10 [0]; IQ: 13 [30]; HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Magery 1 [15]; Status +1 [5]

Disadvantages: Fat [-10]; Intolerance (Guild-trained mages) [-5]; Poor [-15]; Sense of Duty (Village) [-10]

Skills: Alchemy-10 [1]; Area Knowledge-13 [1]; Cooking-13 [1]; Dancing-9 [1]; Diagnosis-12 [2]; First Aid-13 [1]; Fishing-13 [1]; Occultism-12 [1]; Naturalist-12 [2]; Singing-10 [1]; Teaching-12 [1]; Veterinary-12 [2]; Weather Sense-12 [1]

Spells (all skill 12 w/1 point): Foolishness; Ignite Fire; Lend HT; Lend ST; Light; Minor Healing; Seek Earth; Sense Life; Shape Earth

Gear: Small knife, pouches of medicinal herbs, first aid kit, simple brown dress, boots

Notes: This character works well as a minor hedge wizard or a wise woman with slight magical abilities in a small village. She could also be used as the apprentice of a more skilled hedge wizard (IQ 15, Magery 2, 20 more spells [all at 15], for 80 points). Depending on the type of region she lives in, her spells could be different. For example, in a desert/dry region, her earth spells would be replaced with Seek Water and Purify Water.