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Helijäger               75 Points

The Helijäger is a special operations Luftwaffe soldier utilizing the Heliofly III-57 rotorpack (p.W:MP76). Due to severe payload restrictions, a Helijäger must be light (no more than 120 lbs) and can only carry a very limited load of gear. Their two primary missions are reconnaissance and raids.

A recon mission typically involves only one squad at a time, spread out and flying at 100 feet or so. As soon as the enemy is contacted, they pop a smoke grenade and leave. Originally the Helijäger used flare guns, but the rotors kept getting in the way ...

A raid is a bit more complicated, but similar to small-scale paratrooper operation. The primary -- and very crucial -- difference is that the Helijäger, once his mission is complete, can strap his Heliofly on and fly back to friendly territory. Since no heavy weapons can be carried, the Helijäger must secure enemy weapons at the site if they are required. The Helijäger land a mile or more away from the target and proceed on foot; depending on the objectives, they either leave the Heliofly behind (with a small guard) or disassemble them and pack them along. In some cases, the Helijägers may be inserted via glider (DFS 230 (p.W:HS26); 7 men, or Go 242; 18 men) which allows heavier weapons to be carried.

There are two other coomon Helijäger roles, usually undertaken by only one to four men. One or two men might be inserted behind the front lines to act as harrasment snipers, or perhaps even to target specific individuals. A sabotage team primarily carries explosives; their job is to get in and out without being seen.

A Helijäger is extremely vulnerable if caught by an Allied fighter. However, their small size, evasive ability and slow speed (making it hard for a fighter to line up a shot without stalling or overshooting) gives them a small chance.

ST 10 [0]; DX 13 [30]; IQ 12 [20]; HT 11 [10]

Advantages: Fit [5]; 25 points in National Advantages. A Helijäger may take Acute Vision [2/level] and Fearlessness [2/level] as part of their National Advantages.

Disadvantages: Extremely Hazardous Duty [-20]; -30 points in National Disadvantages, including Skinny [-5] and Reduced Hit Points -1 or -2 [-5 or -10]

Basic Skills: Armoury (Small Arms)-10 [1/2]; Brawling-13 [1]; Climbing-12 [1]; Demolition-12 [2]; First Aid-11 [1/2]; Guns (Light Auto)-15 [1]; Guns (Rifle)-15 [1]; Hiking-10 [1]; Jumping-13 [1]; Knife-13 [1]; Navigation-11 [1]; Pilot (Flight Pack)-14 [4]; Soldier-14 [6]; Spear-11 [1/2]; Stealth-13 [2]; Survival (any)-11 [1]; Swimming-12 [1/2]; Throwing-11 [1]; Traps-11 [1]

Secondary Skills: Camouflage-12 [1]; Electronics Operation (Comm)-10 [1/2]; Guns (Pistol)-15 [1]; Orienteering-10 [1/2]; Savoir-Faire (Military)-11 [1/2]; Running-8 [1/2]

Background Skills: Spend 4 points on Driving (Automobile), Gunner (MG), Carousing, Area Knowledge (any), Scrounging, Mechanic (Flight Pack), Forward Observer, Gambling, Intimidation, Engineer (Combat), or foreign languages.

Helijäger Gear

Maximum gear weight is 40 lbs, although a very light
Helijäger can exceed this by a small margin. Total loads below allow for about 9 lbs of additional equipment. Water canteens (scouts, snipers), light pistols (raiders, snipers) and additional grenades and ammo (any) are common.

: Uniform, toque, goggles, compass, matches, personal basics, wristwatch, web gear (incl. ammo pouches), basic first aid kit, large knife 
Weight: 14 lbs

Mission Gear:

Scouting: MP40 w/3 magazines, two RG-34 grenades and two colored-smoke grenades. 16.6  lbs

Raid: MAS 38 SMG w/3 magazines, four SteilHandGrenaten w/fragmentation sleeve. 16.1 lbs

Sniper: Mauser 98k w/2.5x scope and 13 clips,
four EiHandGrenaten 39. 16.7 lbs

Sabotage: P 38 w/3 mags, 12 pounds explosives, time clock. 16.8 lbs.

Squad TO&E

A squad consists of a senior NCO (Rank 2) and nine junior NCOs (Rank 1). A platoon consists of two squads.