Copyright 2000, 2003 by Brandon Cope
Originally created 8-16-1991
Updated 6-8-2003


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Alycea, Aquilonian mercenary

ST: 11 [10] -- Swing 1d+1, Thrust 1d-1
DX: 13 [30] -- Basic Speed 6, Move 6
IQ: 11 [10]
HT: 11 [10]

Point Total: 120 + 9 unspent points

Advantages: Alertness +1 [5]; Ally Group (2-4 50 point characters, appears on 12 or less) [10]; Literacy [10]; Reputation +1 (mercenaries, 10-) [1]; Strong Will +1 [4]

Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Mercenary) [-10]; Stubborness [-5]

Quirks: Likes to haggle over services; Wary around dead; Dislikes large bodies of water; Distrusts magic; Slightly overconfident; Mild paranoia

Area Knowledge (Pictlands)-11 [1]; Area Knowledge (Zangara)-11 [1]; Axe/mace-12 [1]; Broadsword-14 [4]; Buckler-14 [2]; Climbing-11 [0.5]; Cooking-12 [2]; Crossbow-15 [4]; Erotic Torture-9 [0.5]; Fast Draw (Sword)-14 [2]; First Aid-12 [2]; Fishing-12 [2]; Knife-14 [2]; Leadership-13 [6]; Polearm-12 [1]; Riding (Horse)-13 [2]; Running-10 [1]; Singing-13 [2];
Spear-14 [4]; Stealth-13 [2]; Tactics-11 [4]; Teaching-9 [0.5]; Throwing-12 [2]

Languages: Aquilonian-11 [0]; Nemidian-11 [2], Hyrakian-9 [0.5]

5'5", 115 lbs, short black hair, gray eyes

broadsword (cut 1d+2, cr 1d, parry 7), spear (2-handed: 1d+2 imp, parry 7), large knife (cut/imp 1d-1, parry 6), crossbow (1d+3 imp, 1/2 Dam 220 yards, 18 bolts), chainmail (PD 3 DR 4) over torso and arms, heavy leather over head, hands and legs (PD 2 DR 2), boots, 3 days rations, one-quart waterskin, first-aid kit, 20 yards rope, personal basics, whetstone, blanket, buckler, small backpack, belt pouch, small knife, riding horse (w/gear), 2 intricate rings, amulet (chain fused), sceptre, maps of common trade routes in Zangara, diary of Zangir nomad, 703 silver coins, 1 copper coin, 36 gold coins

This character is a PC from a GURPS® Conan® campaign. It is worth noting that when I created the character, I had not yet read any of the Conan stories. I have posted her for the convenience of the GM of that campaign. Note that the character has been run only 8-9 times over a nine-year period (this partly explains why the character has gained only 29 character points; the fact that the GM normally hands out 3-5 points/session contributes to a lesser degree). The campaign is set during Conan's reign as king of Aquilonia.

Here are the adventures I remember (unfortunately, I don't remember where some of these have occured) for the most part in no particular order:

Future Goals
Due to the current rate of CP acquisition, I have given up on boosting IQ a point. Alycea is currently training members of her Ally Group in various skills (swordsmanship for one). She is looking to learn new languages and boost her Alertness and Will. I eventually want her to command a small mercenary force with a core of loyal members (this will be put on hold, subject to what direction the GM wants to take the campaign).

Ally Group
The current members of my Ally Group are Fritz (archer, being trained to use a broadsword), Luther (a dumb-as-dishwater swordsman) and Heimie (a knife-fighter).