Traveller® House Rules


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I have used these rules in all of my Traveller campaigns and I have found them to be reasonably balanced.

I. Characters
A. All characters receive one extra skill per term.
B. Undrafted characters roll twice for each skill, choosing which roll they prefer to use.
C. No survival rolls are required until term four.

II. Combat

A. Characters have a hit point pool consisting of STR+DEX+END. All damage is applied to this pool (including the first wound taken). After combat, the character redistributes the remaining points. If the pool reaches 0, the character falls unconscious. The character dies if total damage exceeds -END.
B. Body pistols do 2D damage.

III. Star Systems

A. Hydrographic percentage is 2D-7+atmosphere.

IV. Starships

A. Jump drives consume half as much fuel per jump as listed. Existing designs are not changed, meaning that they may make two consecutive jumps at maximum jump rating.
B. The 1 hardpoint per 100 ton limit is only a legal restriction on commercial shipping. Military ships may carry as many weapons as they wish, but on average mount 2 hardpoints per 100 tons.
C. The cost and weight of the various drives are in the wrong columns.

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