(The Grendel  was designed using  the system in GURPS Space, 2nd Edition, with certain components taken from MegaTraveller)

 Craft ID: Grendel Class Scout, MCr 8.9
 Hull: 1500 cy hull, mass 750.22 tons, winged streamlining, total compartmentalization, 3-g stress, landing gear, hull grapples, fuel scoops, Airlocks: 4 one-man, 1 large
 Drives: 2x125MW fusion plants, Jump-2, 1,400-ton thruster plates, 125-kg thrust solar sail
 Performance: Jump-2, 1.87-G acceleration (thrusters), 0.00017-G acceleration (sail), fuel for two Jump-2, 60 days of fusion operation
Weapon Ammo Rounds Pen/Att Damage Maximum Range
2x100mm MD KEAP 88 43/1 20 Distant (22)
4xCIWS lasers n/a n/a 6/2 4 Distant (2.5)
 Defenses: DF 2 hull armor, Level 1 Stealth (total DF 3)
 Electronics: Reliable Sensors, Standard Sensors
 Crew: 8, full lifesupport x2, artificial gravity (0-3G), repair shop
 Other: Cargo 290 cy, 10 modular cages (100 cy full, 30 cy collapsed), 2 lifeboats (Deimos/Phobos class), fuel purification plant

The Grendel is an old design, dating back nearly 100 years to the first prototype. The ship shows a rather psychotic design philosophy, as the architects and buyers were unable to decide whether they wanted a civilian or military scout ship. Added to this is the fact that most Grendels have been heavily modified during their service life, including notable internal changes. As a result, most Grendels are a nightmare to repair unless the techs have gotten very familiar with their particular ship.

In general, the basic Grendel is a moderately slow ship that is well built from heavy materials with four hardpoints in the forward "wings" in 2 inboard and 2 outboard slots. There are also provisions for adding two aft dorsal turrets (or two aft hardpoints, but not both).

[on the Loki's Dagger, the 100mm mass drivers are located in the inboard "wing" slots. The gatling lasers are placed in two small twin ventral turrets for use against missiles (in space) and infantry (on ground). Larger and additional weapons are possible.]

One minor design flaw is the fact that most of the cargo space is in the primary airlock. A major design flaw is that the capabilities of the two lifeboats (one Deimos-class and one Phobos-class, though no one has yet been able to find any difference) are unknown. No crewmen from any Grendel lifeboat has ever been found, though the empty lifeboats have.

Grendels have several redundant systems, even going as far as seperating the drives into two sections. One of the more dubious backups is a solar sail, for use when both jump and maneuver drives have stopped working. Although slower than the rated speed of the lifeboats, most Grendel captains prefer to use the solar sail in emergencies.

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