Combination Weapons

LeMat revolver
Ithaca turkey gun
USAF survival gun
Crossfire Mk 1

Miscellaneous Weapons

M25 Antipersonnel Mine
M16A1 Antipersonnel Mine
M19 Antitank Mine
M112 C-4 Demolition Block
M18 Claymore
AM-402 Baton
Combat Knife, Firing
Paintball gun

Other Gear

Auxillary Shells
Shotgun Bores
Flash Suppressors
Target Sights
Shotgun Chokes

Combination Weapons

LeMat Revolver (historical)

The LeMat revolver (carbine versions were also made) dates back to the mid-1800's; several Confederate officers used the gun. It is a monster handgun, a nine-shot side-gate-loading .44 revolver with a .65 muzzle-loading shotgun barrel acting as the cylinder axis. Though of poor reliability, it was still a fearsome weapon.
  dam malf SS Acc 1/2D Max  Mag Rof  Str Rcl Cost Wt
.44 2d 15 11 2 150 1700 9 ~2 11 -2 30 3.5
.65 2d-2 16 10 2 15 50 1 1 13 -4    


Ithaca Turkey Gun (historical)

This is an over/under combination gun, combining a 12-gauge under a .222 rifle. Each barrel is single shot and a telescopic sight is usually fitted. Similar weapons (with comparable performance) are available.
  dam malf SS Acc 1/2D Max  Mag Rof  Str Rcl Cost Wt
shot 3d crit 13 5 25 150 1 1/4 12 -3 -- 7.25
rfle 1d+1 crit 14 7 150 2000 1 1/4 9 -1    


Survival Gun (historical)

Designed for the USAF to be used by downed pilots, the survival gun is an over/under arrangement firing .22 LR and .410-gauge rounds. The gun folds in half for easy storage and spare ammo is stored in a box built into the skeletal stock (30-40 .22 rounds, 4-5 .410 shells).
  dam malf SS Acc 1/2D Max  Mag Rof  Str Rcl Cost Wt
Shot 2d crit 10 5 15 100 1 1/4 10 -2 -- 6.5
Rfle 1d+2 crit 11 6 100 2100 1 1/4 9 -1    


Crossfire (historical)

A weird combination gun using a slide action, it consists of a tube-fed 12-gauge shotgun over a 5.56mm carbine. There is only one trigger; a switch selects which chamber is loaded when the slide is operated and barrel is fiewd when the trigger is pulled. The removable tube holds four shotgun shells and any M16-type magazine can be used with the rifle. Normal vision aids may be used and a sling is included. The gun is designed to be used by law enforcement and security details. .
  dam malf SS Acc 1/2D Max  Mag Rof  Str Rcl Cost Wt
Rfle 5d crit 13 11 500 3800 30 2 9 -1 3,300 9.6
Shgn 4d crit 12 5 25 150 4 3 13 -2    


Dysonian Arms SAW-7D (original)

The SAW is a combination gun, 7mmC LMG with a .5-inch gyroc launcher underneath. The LMG ammo is carried under-rifle in a 200 round drum, costs $75 and weighs 12 lbs. The 10 round gyroc magazine, forward of the MG mag, weighs 1.5 lbs. The SAW is almost exclusively hip-fired from a sling.
  dam malf SS Acc 1/2D Max  Mag Rof  Str Rcl Cost Wt
LMG 6d Crit 14 9 1000 4600 200 12* 11 -2 1500 26
Gyrc Var Crit 14 5 1800 2500 10 3        


Miscellaneous Weapons

M25 Antipersonnel Mine (historical)

Typical of most TL 6 mines, the M25 (1/6 lb) is designed to injure rather than kill. It creates an upward blast doing 1d+2 damage to the victim's foot (50% chance for either). It can also puncture truck/car tires.

M16A1 Antipersonnel Mine (historical)

The M16A1 is a pressure or tripwire activated mine that shoots a shell 1 yard into the air, which detonates to do send steel balls (doing 1d damage) over a 30 yard radius. Roll for random hit location with a +2 (5/6 of vitals hits are to the groin). It weighs 8 lbs.

M19 Antitank Mine (historical)

Make almost entirely of plastic, the M19 carries 19.5 lbs of C-4. It weighs 28 lbs and has a blast radius of 48 yards. It can also be used as a demolition charge.

M112 C-4 Demolition Block (historical)

The M112 weighs 1.25 lbs and has a 6.75 yard blast radius. One side has an adhesive that will stick to any dry surface. It can create a 1 foot hole through 10mm steel or a 2 foot hole through 10 cm rock/concrete.

M18 Claymore (historical)

This mine acts like a giant shotgun shell. It has a range of 100 yards, spreading the pellets in a fan 50 yards wide and 2 yards high. Damage is 1d, and each pellet has a to-hit of 9, with 2d+3 pellets having a chance to hit any one target (or hex of target). Weight is 3.5 lbs. TL 7.

Minicrossbow (Car Wars)

A light crossbow designed for one-hand use. $5 and 1 lb per 10 bolt pack (includes an extra bowstring). A compound version is also available.
  dam malf SS Acc 1/2D Max  Mag Rof  Str Cost Wt
std 1d-1 imp  crit 13 3 75 150 1 1/3 7 50 3
Cmpd 1d imp crit 13 3 100 200 1 1/3 5 150  


AM-402 Baton (historical)

This is an aluminum police baton which has a single shot 12ga shotgun built in. As a baton, it is difficult to break (1 in 6) and uses Shortsword skill. Made in Brazil.
dam   malf SS Acc 1/2D Max  Mag Rof  Str Rcl Cost Wt
4d   crit 11 0 25 150 1 1/4 12 -3 60 1.5


Combat Knife, Firing (historical)

Two types are available: a large knife with a 4-shot .22LR derringer built into the handle, and a folding pocket knife with 3-round .22 Short.
  Dam Malf SS Acc 1/2D  Max Mag  ROF Str Rcl Cost Wt
.22L 1d 16 10 0 50 1500 4 1 8 -1 150 1.5
.22S 1d-1 16 10 0 35 1000 3 1 7 -1 100 0.75


Paintball gun (historical)

Though the balls are normally filled with paint, it is possible to use other fillers (such as gasoline, phosphorous, etc), or a dart.
dam   malf SS Acc 1/2D Max  Mag Rof  Str Rcl Cost Wt
nil   16 10 3 25 50 10 3 -- -1 100 1.5


Ammunition and Modifications

Auxillary Shells (historical)

In general, auxillary shells allow the use of pistol ammunition in rifles of the same caliber, and are mainly of use to hunters. The auxillary shell itself is an empty case into which the pistol round is placed, so that the complete round can fit in the rifle's chamber. Due to recoil physics, such rounds are usually limited to manual-action (bolt, lever, single/double-shot) rifles (the lower-powered pistol rounds would almost always jam a semi-automatic rifle).

Shotgun Bores (historical)

In Europe, shotguns are more often referred to by their bore in mm rather than gauge. The equivalents are: .410g = 12.6mm, 28g = 13.8mm, 20g = 15.7mm, 16g = 16.8mm, 12g = 18.2mm, 10g = 19.3mm. (Space GMs should note that gyroc rounds [19.1 mm in 1st Ed, 12.7mm in 2nd Ed], which are low-recoil, could, coupled with auxillary shells, possibly be fired from 10g [or 20g] shotguns).

C-Mag (historical)

This is an extended magazine for 5.56mm assault rifles, holding 100 rounds. It is currently available for the AR-15, M-16, and AUG. Cost is $75 and weight is 5 lbs loaded (2.25 lbs unloaded).

Flash Suppressors (historical)

These devices dampen the muzzle flash, making it harder to see a weapon firing (-2 to Vision rolls). Cost is $25-50 and weight is trivial. Due to the buildup of gases, a flash suppressor does not work well with automatic weapons; for each burst over the first, apply a +3 to the Vision roll. Apply a -1 to -5 penalty to the Vision roll to detect any fired gun, depending on lighting, with a +0 for total darkness and -5 for total light.

Target Sights (historical)

This also includes micrometer sights. Target sights are high quality non-telescopic adjustable sights. They increase a weapon's basic Acc by +2, but to no higher than 12. Cost is $75, and weight is negligable. This Acc does not apply if a telescopic sight is used.

Bipods/Tripods (historical)

Using a bipod (typically weighing 2-5 lbs) gets rid of the minimum ST required for a gun, as well as providing a +1 to-hit for braced fire. However, SS is +2 due to lack of flexibility. Using a tripod (usually twice the gun's weight) has the same effects, plus cuts recoil by 2/3 (round up, minimum -1).

Shotgun Chokes (historical)

There are a variety of styles and setting available, but only a few will be considered here. Chokes are available in two styles, fixed and variable. Fixed chokes only allow fire at one setting, while variable chokes allow several settings. For game purposes, there are three choke settings: open choke (shotgun operates normally), half choke (double half damage range, +1 to-hit with shot only past 25 yards), and full choke (triple half damage range, no +1 to-hit with shot). Slugs may only be fired from an open choke (variable or fixed).