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HPD 2048

From the tales of the Supernatural Crimes Unit

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(This page will expanded as the campaign continues)


Farland Oakes: Bishonen (male) elf/were-eagle with insane twin brother

Taejun Park: Martial artist serving as special civilian assistant

Tanner Davenport: Mage, forensics tech and guitarist

Mistoffeles: Intelligent magic-using cat NPC STATUS

SCU (Supernatural Crimes Unit)

This city-wide task force, created in 2019 to deal with crimes committed by supernatural beings or by mortal being wielding supernatural powers. Technically, it has priority over vice, robbery, homicide, etc. squads, but low manpower (a third of what it was in 2020) generally forces the SCU to hand off more routine cases to these other squads. The SCU has a much smaller budget and less manpower than either the OCU (Organized Crimes Unit) or GCU (Gang Crimes Unit), although it has the distinction of being the home of the most unusual officers in HPD and getting a priority on confiscated magic items. Many regular cops refer to SCU members as 'screwies',

Legal Enforcement Power and Megacorp Security

Your LEP doesn't apply on megacorporation property unless the security forces present expressly grant it. Even if granted, it can be revoked later at the megacorps whim (if, however, you have a suspect in custody and exit the property before the permission is revoked, you do not have to release him to their security. The same applies to any evidence you may gather). On the bright side, megacorp security has virtually no powers off their property, limited almost entirely to protecting vehicles transporting personnel or cargo. Also, rent-a-cop security at a private business does not get these rights. Fortunately, locations are (usually) clearly marked to reduce confusion.

Example: if you are in pursuit of a suspect and he flees to megacorp property, you may not continue pursuit until you get permission from local security. If security catches the suspect first, they are not obligated to turn him over to the police unless ordered to by a superior of theirs. Welcome to public law enforcement in 2048.

Typical Beat Cop Equipment (all from UT and UT2)

Armor: light clamshell cuirass over tailored light monocrys suit/uniform, light (infantry) helmet

Weaponry: 9mm auto pistol (cased ammo, 12 shots), 5 spare magazines*, baton, small vibroknife

Other: short-range comm, heavy duty flashlight, fire extinguisher tube, emergency medkit (plus: 2 Ascepaline, 4 Quickheal, 3 Soothe, 1 Suspend), handheld ID scanner, electronic handcuffs, police (survival) watch**, tangler grenade

In unarmed squad car: 5.5mm assault rifle w/5 magazines, 18.5mm pump shotgun w/25 shells, digital camera, 100' roll cufftape, portable fire extinguisher, six-in-one axe, laser cutter, gas masks (2), tear gas grenades (4), elixirs: healing (4), antidote (2), beast speech (1), fire resistance (1).

Police helicopters have similar equipment, plus two or three heavy blankets, although some (1 in 3) omit the assault rifle and shotgun.

All firearms have D-tags and anti-theft systems.

* One magazine is loaded with Mana Drained bullets, for use against certain enchantments (Deflect/Reverse Missiles, in particular) or magical beings. These are similar to, but not the same as, Depleted Necronium rounds (which are not available in this setting).
** Replace survival database with database of selected laws and department policies.

Typical SWAT Weapons and Armor

Armor: Medium Combat Armor with built-in digital camera and short-range comm

Weaponry: Urban Assault Weapon and 10mm Heavy Auto Pistol. Three loads of ammo for each weapon. Snipers use either a 7mmC or 15mmC rifle, depending on the situation.

Notes: Except for core command positions and some specialists, all SWAT members are part time members. Entry requirements are 5 years in law enforcement (and at least one year with HPD) and Guns (Light Auto)-12+ and Tactics (SWAT)-12+. SWAT teams are used primarily in hostage situations, but have also been used in raids where heavy weapons and armor are required.

HPD in 2048

For simplicity, I will divide Houston into the same patrol divisions as today, with a North and South Patrol Command. Each of these is further divided into 5-6 patrol regions, which are subdivided into 3-5 beat areas. Since I am most familiar with southwest Houston, your characters will be attached to South Patrol Command and most of their cases in the area bounded by Westheimer Road to the east and Highway 290 to the north. Yahoo! Maps is one good source for a Houston area map; HPD also has a website with maps for various patrol beats.

Intel Ratings

For intelligence gained off the street, I will use the designators from GURPS Special Ops 3e. If you don't have that book, the reliability of the source is rated A (completely reliable) to E (unreliable), with an F for a source that can't be judged. Accuracy is rated 1 (confirmed by other sources) to 5 (improbable), with a 6 for accuracy that can't be judged. Thus, A1 indicates the best possible intel source, while E5 is the worst.


9mm Police Issue: Dam 2d+2, SS -1, Acc 4, 1/2 Dam 150, RoF ~3, Shots 17, Rcl -1, Wt 2.3
10mmC SWAT Pistol: Dam 3d, SS -1, Acc 4, 1/2 Dam 200, RoF ~3, Shots 20, Rcl -2, Wt 2.75

5.5mm Assault Rifle: Dam 5d+2, SS -4, Acc 10, 1/2 Dam 530, RoF 12*, Shots 30, 50 or 100, Rcl -1, Wt 7 (w/50 round mag)
10mmC SMG: Dam 3d, SS -3, Acc 8, 1/2 Dam 200, RoF 12*, Shots 60, Rcl -1, Wt 5.9
18.5mm assault shotgun: Dam 4d, SS -4, Acc 6, 1/2 Dam 27, RoF 10*, Shots10, Rcl -3, Wt 12
Urban Assault Weapon: As 10mmC SMG or 18.5mm AS, except shotgun RoF ~2 and Shots 4; Wt 10

Case Files

Season Two

Case #2.1: Trailer Park Vampires (Run January 5, January 12, January 19 and January 26)

The team is sent to find a vampire that is believed to be operating out of (or near) a trailer park.

Season One

Case #1.3: Big Trouble in Little Korea

The team, upon returning to Houston, are sent to protect Taejun's dojang from two gangs that are fighting it out in the neighborhood. Both gangs take severe casualties and flee.

Case #1.2: Village of the Darned

In the morning, Oakes and Taejun are deputized and sent, with supplies, to a village that has not been heard from for several hours. When they arrive, the village is deserted, but moaning sounds can be heard from several directions. Soon, zombies off all the villagers appear. The pair head for the truck, but a ball of mist appears before it and turns into an elvish vampire-like creature. Taejun fails to harm it with both his regular and magical sword, but Oakes casts an unusual spell, rendering the being drunk. The pair escape.

Case #1.1: Going Home

Upon questioning several locals, including a dragon (and being terrorized by the elvish elders), it is discovered that Soljan did far more than summon dragons; it lowered an ancient magical ward that was protecting earth from extradimensional invaders. With the help of a lesser dragon, Oakes was able to restore the ward that night, while Taejun was playing with Odium (using special armor and sword) and Tanner with Soljan's followers. Odium was finally killed by the sheriff from Oakes' village. During the night, reports of massive dragon attacks come in, tapering off shortly after dawn.

Case #1.0: Runaway Elf

Oakes, with the help of Taejun, Tanner and Hamish, finds his brother in the Dreamlands and, after passing through three tests set up by Draco Nobilis are allowed to take him back. Upon questioning by Sternn, it is discovered that Soljan cast a spell intended to summon dragons to earth. The team is sent to Oakes hom village in Arizona to gather more info.

In the News

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