Members of the Sternor Family, plus selected vassels
Adolphous Sternor AB8CAB-4 Scouts age 38
Handgun-3, Liason-2, Artisan-2, Pilot-1, Rifleman-1, Survival-1, Recon-1, Carousing-1, Streetwise-1, Vacc Suit-1, Navigation-1, Large Blade-1, Telepathy-4, Awareness-4
notes: Cr 45,000, Grendel-class scout, custom 9mm pistol
Helena Sternor 97776B-3 Nobles age 26
Handgun-2, Brawling-2, Pilot-1, Navigation-1, Carousing-1, Diplomacy-1, Telepathy-2
notes: sister of Adolphous and Maxwell
Reaction to Adolphous: polite
Ludwig Sternor AA77AC-5 Academic age 58
Engineer-2, Admin-1, Wh Veh-1, Electronics-3, Carousing-1, Physics-1, Leader-1, Teleportation-5
notes: father of Adolphous, Maxwell and Helena
Reaction to Adolphous: neutral
Lt. Maxwell Sternor 777749-4 Army age 38
Liason-1, Streetwise-1, Tactics-2, Sm Blade-1, Cbt Rifle-2, Leader-1, Special (Pyrotech)-1
notes: brother of Adolphous and Helena
Reaction to Adolphous: neutral
Sir Herman Sternor 77A74B-5 Academic age 62
Computer-2, Sensor Ops-3, Admin-1, Electronics-1, Geology-2, Special (Illusions)-6
notes: uncle of Adolphous, Maxwell and Helena; brother of Ludwig and Marcus
Reaction to Adolphous: neutral
Marcus Sternor 447AAB-C Academic age 50
Handgun-2, Commo-1, Instruction-1, Admin-2, Grav Veh-1, Clarvoyance-5, Teleportation-7
notes: uncle of Adolphous, Maxwell and Helena; brother of Herman and Ludwig
Reaction to Adolphous: polite
Dame Natalia Sternor 77A65B-7 Marines age 38
Lg Blade-2, Mechanic-1, Brawling-1, Cbt Rifle-2, Telempathy-6
notes: wife of Marcus; aunt of Adolphous, Helena and Maxwell
Reaction to Adolphous: polite
Bertha Sternor 457749-8 Civilian (Student) age 22
Biology-1, Carousing-1, Wh Veh-1, Awareness-6
notes: daughter of Natalia and Marcus
Reaction to Adolphous: neutral
Hans Stiferd A976A8-0 Scouts age 34
Artisan-2, Navigation-2, Pilot-2, Streetwise-1, Gambling-1, Hovercraft-1, Rifleman-1, Handgun-1, Sensor Ops-1, Lg Blade-1, Bribery-1, Biology-1, Animal Handling-1
notes: cousin of Adolphous, brother of Dell Stiferd and Tynna Stiferd
Reaction to Adolphous: polite
Dell Stiferd 6958AB-A Merchant age 24
Gunnery-2, Steward-2, Liason-1, Telepathy-6, Telekinesis-4, Awareness-4
notes: brother of Hans Stiferd and Tynna Stiferd; gunner of Far Trader
Reaction to Adolphous: neutral
Tynna Stiferd 76AA78-7 Merchant age 30
Engineer-3, Electronics-2, Gravatics-2, Mechanical-2, Brawling-1, Handgun-1, Clairvoyance-3
notes: sister of Hans Stiferd and Dell Stiferd; engineer of Far Trader
Reaction to Adolphous: neutral
Veronika Calchaut 649CDA-0 Navy age 35
Pilot-3, Navigation-2, Sensor Ops-2, Computer-1, Electronics-1, Forward Observer-1, Handgun-1, Liason-1, Medic-1, Ship Tactics-1
notes: Sternor vassal; pilot of Far Trader
Brian Von Kronn 896882-0 Flyer age 27
Navigation-2, Aircraft-1, Artisan-1, Computer-1, Vacc Suit-2
notes: Sternor vassal; navigator of Far Trader

Ludwig Sternor: wife deceased, father of Adolphous, Maxwell and Helena
Marcus: married to Natalia, father of Bertha
Herman: never married, no known children

The Sternor's own two starships, both 3000 cy freighters, a Free Trader and a Far Trader (the Free Trader has a larger hold, but is only Jump-1; the Far Trader is Jump-2). Both are armed with two twin laser turrets. Four ships are present at Tielbund (2 barges with 100 cy/100 ton capacity, a police boat [no better than HMGs or a mortar] and a fishing trawler. The only combat vehicles owned (with main gun) are: two 76 ton tracked tanks (120mm), six 26 ton armored cars (80mm), eight 25 ton tanks (80mm), ten four-legged 11 ton ATVs (MGs) and six VTOL jets. Castle Sternor cannot be reached by land vehicle, so most of the military vehicles are kept at Tielbund (the VTOL's can be operated from Castle Sternor, however).

Citizenry and Land Holdings
7550 adults (+3500 children) on an island 50 km by 60 km. Most are employed as farmers, fishers or miners. The main towns are Norhelm (pop. 1400, agriculture), New Dresden (pop. 1900, mining/lumber), Stein (pop. 550, fishing), Lochabre (pop. 600, mining), Tielbund (pop. 2400, port) and Castle Sternor (pop. 700). Tielbund and Castle Sternor have provisions for starship landings (but not repairs). While small, the bay that Tielbund and Castle Sternor border is fairly deep. The mines at Lochabre are almost played out, and most of the population will be moving to New Dresden. The highest spot on the island is just east of New Dresden, at 435 meters (and radar and radio towers are located here).

Eighty citizens are employed as regular troops/police, while another 2000 can be counted as a militia. Regular forces wear TL 9 combat armor and carry 9mm advanced combat rifles. Militia gear varies widely, but is generally limited to rifles and shotguns (though an armory at the Sternor castle has several pieces of light military weaponry that can be passed out to the militia in an emergency, including 7-9mm machine guns, 50-60mm mortars and SAMs). There are also a half dozen 100mm AT guns on unarmored tracked carriers. Note: Militia members have, at most, two combat skills at level-1 or one at level-2. Your regular troops are better trained, but are not the equivalent of regular army.

Other Notes
Sternor Island is fairly cold most of the year, averaging 15 deg. C. Added to this is the frequent storms that buffet the island (bringing rain or snow). It has only one freshwater body of any size (Lake Tormac), though there are several freshwater springs around the mountains (including Castle Sternor). The two smaller islands are Sternor property, but uninhabited. 'The Rock,' to
the north, is completely barren. The South Isle is frequently used as a retreat by the Sternor family, and has a small cottage nestled against the hills. The uninhabited penninsula to the northwest is know as 'The Point' and is constantly buffeted by storms.

Government and Customs
The primary government is a hereditary limited monarchy with each town operating a democratically elected semi-autonomous council. The Sternor leader (currently your father) can overrule the actions of any town council, but rarely does. The monarchy is limited by planetary treaty, plus whatever restrictions it chooses. In general, the monarchy cannot: order someone executed without fair trial, make war or treaties in the name of Gunginir, sell or give any of its territory to non-Sword Worlders, or deprive someone of the bulk of their property without fair trial. The Sternors are fairly generous and give its citizens more rights (roughly equal to the Bill of Rights) than many other families. This is one reason why its citizens are so loyal.

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